Finding “Joy”

1 December, 2021


Life is meant to be fun

You deliberately decided to come here to explore and experience all it has to offer


Life isn’t something that’s happening to you

It was always advertised as a response to your wants

A reflection of your creation

There were no hidden clauses

And you took the all inclusive tour that showed you the penthouse & the rubbish room , before , you decided

And you did decide

And for those of you still wondering…..

You said “ yes

In fact , you said “ Hell yeah , I want that , sign me up! ”


So if you choose to keep behaving like it was nothing to do with you

Be our guest

But , for those of you , who’ve accidentally locked yourself in the rubbish room

Or worse still , took a dive down the garbage shoot

Now you realize where you are, and that there’s a way out

Turn the handle on the door and step out into the lobby


Joy is waiting

It’s there

You simply have to remember , it’s your destination AND the ride


Know that your life till now does not define you

If you’ve made great memories , fantastic

Make some more

If you’d rather forget , and start again

Simply hit the refresh button


Remind yourself , everything you are in this moment can change completely in the next

And it can be better than what’s going on already , always

And whatever you see as you look out from inside yourself can be a different view if you turn just 10 degrees in any direction

Time is irrelevant , there is only now

And history is only worth reliving , if it makes you happy


It was always the intention that your choice was to have a great time , not necessarily a great life

Think in terms of moment to moment

Don’t plan your whole life from beginning to end from what you are right now

You decided to have fun , and maybe you still are

Maybe you got distracted


What matters is to connect with your purpose

And your purpose

Is to find joy in living



To connect with whatever it is for you , that creates fun & good vibes

This life , that belongs to you

Is made up of a series of moments

If you want to choose again ,  or rehearse it one more time

That’s great


Every moment will be your New Leading Edge experience

And you can never see the one that came before , the same , as you move into the next

It’s just not possible

Because you are energy

You are constantly in motion & expanding & creating vibration

Even if you stand still , where you stand , doesn’t


You know the escalator or travelator at the airport?

The moving stairs or walkway you stand still on , that takes you somewhere , to travel somewhere……

It’s kind of like that

As you stand there & stare out at your view , you are moving , either up , down , or sideways & in each moment you are on that ride , your view will never be the same

It can’t be , because you are in constant motion , on your way somewhere

So , unless you offer resistance & close your eyes , or try to run against the movement , you are changing your point of view , & seeing things from a constant state of renewal & expansion


It doesn’t mean that the things you decide are important , are no longer so

It’s just that they are either on the travelator with you , & along for the ride & the adventure , or they’re not

You’re simply expanding the moment , by taking the best of it to the next moment

You have a saying

It’s the little things

That 10 degrees , or the next moment , can change your life


There are loads more practical ways to expand this discussion , & we will

It’s just important to set a baseline

To find our groove & explore from there

We’d love for you to understand ,

 some of you are super busy

Just not busy being

When you’re busy being , life lights up!

Joy is all that matters & fun is in everything

And everything’s easy


And there’s no argument , no matter your point of view

And everywhere you are , is the Penthouse

And you understand the purpose of the rubbish room





Much love


5 Aug 2020


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