Concepts that Create Content

20 Mar , 2023

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We want to talk about a few basic concepts

And how they feed into your greater thinking

How they connect

And then manifest

In your lives


Lets start with personal responsibility

This is you being accountable for you

Owning your choices

Because you all love to make your own choices

And it’s a thing

In fact it’s Universal Law

Every Being is subject to the right to choose for self


Every thing you can be , do, or have

Is in your control

And is decided by you

For you

And whether you see the value in this

Whether you can align with this

Whether you love it till you don’t

Whether it’s working in your favour

and you get it cause your results are pleasing to you


You loathe it

and consider it to be complete crap

because never in a million years

would you choose what your current reality is

It all comes from the same space

It’s all energy responding

and answering

and reacting

and aligning

With what you are putting out there


You cannot affect anything you don’t own

You will not affect what doesn’t belong to you


This is great

when you want others to be accountable for their own stuff

And conversely crap

When you want them to own your stuff, you don’t want to

Or when you want change

But push back against taking ownership

What’s happening to you

Belongs to you


When you can wrap your head around this

It’s a wonderful thing

Cause whatever belongs to you

Is in your control


So get in touch

We mean REALLY listen and feel






Until you


And just what you are capable of


Your results will always and forever be a reflection of your inner working

What’s going on in your thoughts

What you’re feeding your mind

Grows your life

And if your life is less than you want it to be

If what you’re doing isn’t working

If what’s showing up isn’t what you say you want



And if you want something other than what you already have going on


Understand this


You cannot

And will not

Improve something

Or affect something

You don’t believe you are responsible for


If you don’t

Or won’t 

Own it

You can’t change it


It’s like wanting to have a car

You won’t buy

Be on a holiday

You won’t book

Eat something delicious

You won’t put in your mouth


This applies to anything

And everything

Let’s talk Wellbeing


Because so many of you WANT to


Another concept –


Wellbeing is inclusive

And encompasses




And spiritual health


So it’s about what you see in the mirror


When you close your eyes

What exists beyond 

Physical AND metaphysical

It’s a package deal


Your thoughts


And beliefs

Impact your Health/Wellbeing


They are the cornerstones to healing

And maintaining

Complete Wellbeing



We would ask you

In regard to your wellness

If you’re experiencing “unwell”

If you don’t have the belief

That you can be the exception

Or that there is unlimited possibility

With your bodys’ health

How can you call it to you?

How can you attract it?

If you’re busy acting like it’s outside your control

If you are choosing to accept limited thinking

Limited results

Limited manifestation

How do you expect to action unlimited in your vibration?


If you can’t be open to the possibility

That you are the exception

Or that there is unlimited possibility to your choices

And outcomes

You will continue

With more of the same

Because that’s what you’re choosing

(perhaps unconsciously)


What you focus on grows

No matter what that is

Another concept…..

Focusing on your ” lack of wellbeing “

Will create more of the same


For every want

There is an equal and exact opposite

Place your thoughts

Your energy

Where you wish to create

On purpose

Not where you don’t 

By default


And we know that those of you in need

Those of you struggling

Those of you who love deeply

And want the best for those you care about

Don’t want to hear this

Because it’s deeply uncomfortable

And your learning

And conditioning so far

Screams that this couldn’t possibly be true in a fair and just world


Because we love you

Because we know your worth

Because we get how it works

And because SO MANY of you are asking

And wanting

With all that you are

To move on from where the results of all this

Currently are


We offer

With the greatest respect we can

A new prospect

Something to try


Attempt is better than never

The first step is the greatest

And you are stronger than you realise in this current moment


So many are wanting to free themselves from being unwell

From Dis Ease

From the feelings of loss

And the heartache of being an observer to all that


It’s difficult to imagine someone would choose disease

It’s unthinkable that you would ask for such a thing

You’re right

Most of you don’t put it on your wish list


It’s not your deliberate want

And when you find it difficult to accept or tolerate

Each others differences

And right to choose

Particularly when you don’t agree

It will be challenging for you 

To hear or address

That what others are seeking

Or what feeds into their greatest learning

Or higher good

Could include illness

Or disease

As part of how they achieve their goals


When you’re at odds with your wants

When you believe you’re asking for more

And still getting the same old stuff

Or think there’s no more to learn

And nowhere

To grow

Or focusing solely on the physical symptoms of your unwell

Your energy

All that you are

Plays in the same sandbox

Day in

Day out

With the same limited playmates


You don’t have to have all the answers up front

You can simply decide

To be open

To what might come of keeping an open mind

Trying something new

Attempting something different

Filling your thoughts

With hope

Exploring that you are more than just a physical body


Which brings us to another concept

Personal Growth

Self Care

Whatever you want to call it

Growing your Higher Self

Or stretching your boundaries

Learning new things

Taking a look

Or simply considering something


Outside what you already have going on


Has massive impact


And Metaphysically

Particularly in regard to your Wellbeing

You are equipped with all the tools you will ever need

To guide it

Grow it

And maintain it


You may call this

Your Intuition

Your Higher Self

Your Internal Knowing

Your Inner Voice


Your Internal Guidance System

Needs to be heard


If you are not listening

Or starving it


It will make little to No difference

To your current experience


If you want to be well

From a place of unwell

If you want to move on from dis ease

To ease

Your own bodies have the answers

And the map

You are in this together

Your body is the longest standing relationship you have ever had

If you are unwell

Your body is trying to tell you something

Something important

So important

It disrupted your wellbeing

( Your natural state of Being )

To be heard


Be curious

Practice stillness

Seek out new ways to hear what’s going on

Embrace the best friend you’ll ever have

Your own body


Try meditation




Be , do and have any and all things that offer something outside your scope

The picture you have of who you are

Needs an upgrade

An update

Or both


Let go

Of that which no longer serves you

Things in your past only serve you

If they bring you Joy

In the thinking


Or repeating

Of them


If you are unsure of just what’s ” What “


Say it to yourself

Or out loud to the Universe

Set an intention to your own energy

Put it out there that you are willing to let go of what’s no longer relevant

Anything and everything that’s not about your highest good

Or your greatest growth

Or your ABSOLUTE wellbeing

Can be released

You can let it go

It could be something 

That no longer , belongs to you


Even in this space of “less than”

Your task is to find Joy

Be grateful for what IS working

No matter how small

Change the thoughts , visuals and feelings

you have of yourself and what you can achieve

Surround yourself with people , places , things , experiences

That feed your happy and have you thinking outside 

where you’ve ventured before


It’s a place to begin

Surrender to the idea that you just may be surprised

You are exceptional

You are unique

You are adaptable

And if you are wanting wellness



This may seem harsh

It may offend

You may need to circle back around

Create some space, before this can fill it

Please know

We will only ever lead you where you are asking to explore


It is our task to answer your call

To accept your invitation

And to offer answers


If in your pain and suffering

The difficult or uncomfortable conversations are never being had

You are creating more of the same

And what wants to be heard

Is not being said

And what wants to be heard

Is that there is hope

Please know our intention

All that we are

Is Hope


Much love

( In fact, take a double dose )



Join The Joy