Day 5

14 Mar , 2023

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It’s short and sweet

Cause today was a consolidation

More a remembering

Than new thoughts

It was reconnecting

Not introducing


The same thought kept greeting me 

Just reinventing itself

In as many ways

As I could ignore it


Persistant little sucker….


Our thoughts have the power to shape our reality

When we focus on hope

We create a future that is full of possibility


Wishful thinking creates hope


Hope creates wishful thinking


Wishful thinking

Can move mountains


Our thoughts can inspire us to take action

and create change


What we think

We become



Become things



Our thoughts are the building blocks of our beliefs


and actions 

and they shape the way we experience the world around us


Mindset can have a significant impact

On our success and wellbeing


Cultivating a positive 

Growth oriented mindset

Shifts our reality


The way we think about ourselves

Can become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Dream big!


By focusing on what we want

Rather than what we don’t want

We create a more positive

Fulfilling reality for ourselves


Much love

Kate x (& Hope)


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