Day 6

15 Mar , 2023

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When seeking change

Be mindful

To aim for things that are doable

There’s no point in going too big 

Too soon

Or aiming for an end result 

That really needs steps along the way


I was reminded today

(Thanks Hope)

Of saying once

“Who swallows a whole chicken”

Someone who wants to choke….

Is who


You just don’t


It’s one bite at a time

That creates an empty plate

A full stomach

And a satisfied appetite


Same goes 

For things you want to change 

Or grow in life


So that you have time 

and space to digest 

as you go

Break large tasks

Or particularly bold moves

Down into a series of smaller ones


This means you’ll get there

Allows you to fine tune as you go

Builds your confidence

And relaxes any stress 

Or anxiety that comes up in the process


It’s not a race

And you are only competing against yourself

If you think it is

So lighten up

Allow things to flow


As fast as you go

As often as you find things to want

There will always be another to replace the last one

It’s how it works

It’s never done

It’s never over

There is always a next


And along the way stuff get’s fine tuned

Or even better than you first imagined

It’s the organic nature

Of life as a human Being


Holding on too tight sucks the life out of things

Turns a hug into a death grip

And creates crap you don’t want

There’s no fun in that


For most of us

Each to their own

And all…..


This week

I’m clearing my plate

I’m finding joy in each mouthful

And when I’m not sure

I remind myself



Works wonders!


Much love 

Kate x (& Hope)


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