Day 7

16 Mar , 2023

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After 7 days…..

Here’s what I think

( For now )


I know that my thoughts shape my life

I know I’m adaptable

I know what real joy is

And for me

It’s found in the small, spontaneous, random happenings


Puppies are priceless

And wearing socks

Has lead to a greater understanding

Of my humanity

And my choices


I have a voice

And I don’t have to speak

To be heard

But it’s great self care


I’m into noticing –



And when I don’t notice

Don’t panic

Life will circle back round


I’m on track

No matter where I’m at

And I’ll never be out of wants

And I want that


My thoughts become things

and by things

I mean life

and by life

I mean experience


And with any experience

Comes “experience”

Cause we grow

We stretch

We expand


And when we expand

We’re more than we were in the previous moment

or any leading up to it


There is only Now

And Now is always enough


And tomorrow

If I don’t like what I think

I’ll change my mind


And when I do that

I change everything


Much love

Kate x (& Hope)




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