Finding Things to Fix

9 May , 2022

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Your life is a great forum for Personal Growth

The act of expanding and evolving who you are and how you present

The action of being , doing , or having experiences

That help you stretch

and discover

and explore

and master

and accomplish

Any number of highlights about your self


Many of you have made the connection

That this is something you want

Something you wish to commit to

That you want to be better

That you want to grow

That you want to be more

That what you are right this moment

Is not all you are


Let it be said

Before you stray from the point…..

Right Now

In this moment

AND all that follow


You need never want for anything more than what you have right now

You need never reach any further

You need never aspire to being any other version or upgrade of yourself

This is not where we’re going with this


We’re talking about the act of Personal Growth

What drives it

How you action it

We want you to understand and master it’s essence

We want you to gain ground

To have traction in your efforts

To do this

It’s important to grasp a couple of things

Are you actually seeking personal growth?

Or looking for things to fix?

The difference is vast

And real results

Lasting , forever evolution at a “soulular” level

Is about growing the Being that you are

Not taking one thing after another

like it’s a list

And ticking it off

Personal Growth is actioned by your body in this life

But feeds into your Soul’s evolution

Your human form grows your Soul

One sure way to not only be assured of success

But tell the difference

Is to discern the source of your actions

Is what you’re doing coming from a place of inspiration

Or ease

Did the idea flow into your thoughts

Or did you select it from the catalogue of stuff going on around you that you bump into every day

The kind of stuff you see as you look at others

And perhaps unknowingly compare yourself to


The genuine article

Real Personal Growth

Finds you

If you are in a vibration of wanting to be your best self

Your intuition will be firing

You may not realise it

But it’s there

In the background

Gently growing stronger

Holding your hand and infiltrating your thoughts


Don’t mask what you’re doing as being for your soul’s evolution

When really it’s just about spinning your wheels

Or simply wanting to fill your time

With a new diet

Another skincare regime

A different job

Study for the sake of somewhere to turn up

Your soul is not what you eat

Or clear skin

Or your dream job

Or a leading expert on gender studies


Your soul is your forever vibration

Energy that flows from and to the source of all that is

It isn’t physical

It’s not tangible

It takes the form of this body

In this time

To manifest and experience as a human Being can


It’s ok to gain knowledge

It’s alright to explore human things and stuff

Be attracted to things you can be , do , or have

But don’t mistake them as who you are

They are just things you do

Personal growth is internal


It’s part of you

And you have all the tools and skills onboard for it to happen

Anything external

Is just for fun

And it may still be part of your journey

Just not the forever stuff

It’s an expression of you

But not who you are

Personal growth is your energy

Your essence


There’s no easy way to say this

And it may sound arrogant

We’re not here to win your affection

We’re here to share the stuff that will help you grow

The stuff you could say to yourselves

But don’t , or won’t

We’ll be the bridge

Between where you are

And where it’s possible to go



If you’re reading this

Your intuition is on point

It’s in play

Again , everyone has it

It’s about whether you’re engaging

Or not


ARE YOU , ON PURPOSE , wanting more ,


And of



When you make choices from a vibration of true personal growth

If what’s driving you

And guiding you

Is coming from a space of inspiration or intuition

Your results will be effortless

Your achievements will be solid

Your enjoyment of the process will lead you to the next step

Even the tricky stuff will pass quickly

Anything painful will be seen as worth it

And results are assured

You will be in touch with a feeling of Gratitude

You will be sure of stepping forward

To continue is the natural action

This is your expansion at work

This is you growing your energy

This is your connection with Source


f your personal growth looks like a TO DO list

It’s not personal growth you’re busy building

If you find yourself researching stuff

Chances are

You’re looking for things to fix

You’re shopping

Justifying your need

Thinking you SHOULD


Personal growth is it’s own reward

In the achievement of it

The next step becomes clear

Presents itself as a warm hug

A gentle nudge

NOT the next social media paid partnership or ad


You are not broken

You are not incomplete

You are energy

Energy in motion

On your way somewhere

If you can tap into your intuition

If you make that part of the list

Your life will feel more like it belongs to you

Your actions will come from a place of inspiration

Not motivation

Inspiration is action of ease

It’s never ending

And it’s effortless

It’s the source of true personal growth


If there’s anything you NEED

Or something you SHOULD know

It’s this

What you’ve been taught has missed this

It’s not on the education curriculum

Growing yourself is an end result

A blanket policy

A long term forever goal

And the steps you visit along the way


Are enjoyable pastimes

But not the objective

This is not a competition

And can’t be quantified by testing

And you will never reach the end

You don’t have to know how to get from A to B

Just trust that you will

And if you can enjoy your growth as it unfolds

That’s a form of Gratitude

And feeling and acknowledging your journey

Attracts more good feeling stuff

More achievement


To feel good

Place yourself in a vibration of wanting

Wanting to Be

ALL that you possibly can

And if you’re not sure what that is

Join the club

None of you know for certain

You can’t

It would be like knowing the level of the tide

It’s always changing

Forever moving

That is the true bliss

Each moment leads to another

And in turn another

Be Grateful of who you are

And who you are to Become


Much love



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