It’s Alright

22 January, 2022

You have this saying

It’s Alright

You use it to soothe

To acknowledge others actions

As a response to behaviour

Good and Bad

It’s widely used

In a vast array of circumstances


But do you really grasp it’s value

It’s essence

Just how accurate it is

It Really is ALL RIGHT

As in

There is NO WRONG

In some form or another

you all use the benchmark of right versus wrong

I made the right choice

What’s wrong with me

I didn’t get it right

This feels wrong

And on

And on

And on

It goes


We’d like to assure you with all the energy we are

You can only get it RIGHT

Everything that is

Every choice you make

Every thought you have

Every action that you take

Will always and forever, be the right one

Because that’s all that’s on offer


Wrong is a human thing

It exists in the bubble that is Human

It’s taught

And learnt

And it’s limiting


There will always be choices you wouldn’t make

Stuff you can’t align with

Ways you see & be & do it differently from others

I’ll do me

You do you

Staying in your own lane

You’re all energy in motion

And the course you chart is your own

You will take different routes

Explore in your own way

But arrival is guaranteed

This is one of the few occaisions where there is no other option

Universal Law is in play


We hope you try this out

Adopt a new thought

Have it a few times

Invest in it

And soon it will be your new Now belief

And it will be Right


It’s All Right



Much Love


1 December 2019


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