Mindset Matters

6 May , 2022

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We can hear you asking

What the heck is that?

And who cares?


Well , maybe YOU do

Depending on your MINDSET


Your Mindset is a bunch of beliefs

And you use them to negotiate Life and your Self

They help you make sense of what you can be , do , or have

And the world around you


All of you have a Mindset

It’s shaped by what you believe

Your opinions

What you’ve been taught

What kind of a learner you are

The experiences you’ve had ,

and the meaning you’ve given to them


Despite having to have one

And the one you’ve got started way back when you were a child

It’s important to note

It’s not etched in stone

And it’s completely up to you

What it looks like

How it feels

And how it behaves or performs for you

You create it

And you can delete

And modify it , as you wish


A healthy Mindset is always evolving

Has regular updates

And software upgrades

It’s not static

It’s organic


As to how much , that’s up to each of you to decide , and implement


Belief is very personal

If we took a group of 10 humans

Subjected you to the same experience

It is more than possible

It’s highly probable

There would be 10 different beliefs created surrounding the same event

As much as you are all the same basic human

With a body

You are all wired like only YOU can be

Your thinking is completely and utterly unique

It happens in the same basic place

Your mind

But when you add in

How your energy flows that thought

There are unlimited possibilities and scenarios

and beliefs


Popular opinion will shape some of your beliefs

Fear will shape others

Lack of enthusiasm or inspiration will also play a part

The highlight here

Is simply

That if you have beliefs that aren’t working for you

Or you feel were gifted in the first place

Not chosen



Just as you won’t have exactly the same hairstyle your entire life

Because your hair is always growing

Your belief system or Mindset

Is the same

You can deliberately decide to try a new haircut or style

Exactly as you can explore how a new belief works for you

Or if in fact , the old one still suits


You change your mind about what you want all the time

Your wants morph and expand and change constantly

Because you live in an everchanging world

And new experiences greet you

Your wants would be very limited if they had to stay the same

And it would make no sense

To stick with a want

That didn’t suit or wasn’t relevant anymore

Like , who needs a VCR anymore , right


Most of you find it easy to Want

Desire comes naturally

It makes sense to you

Happens on it’s own

You don’t naturally offer resistance to wanting stuff

You do , however , offer resistance to change

In particular , changing or modifying your Beliefs or Mindset

And yet , it’s just as gratifying to do so


Kate was talking with her bank recently

The conversation went around in circles for a good long while

The person on the other end kept saying

“But that’s how we do it , it’s just the way it is”

Mistake No 1…….

Didn’t they realise who they were talking to……

Kate calmly and politely asked

“Can you understand why the way you do it , doesn’t make sense and could be much easier and more customer focused?”

And the reply was a resounding “Yes”

Then another question…..

“And do you understand that this is the way you do it , because you decided to do it this way. That you actually make the rules and procedures?”

“Well , yes , of course”

“Well doesn’t it make sense , that if the current system isn’t actually working , that you CHANGE it?”

The same applies for all of you

You carry around outdated , never used , broken beliefs


These are not going to suddenly become useful at some point in the future

If you haven’t used them and don’t relate to them

Their use by is up

It’s over

Move on

Clinging to crap that’s not serving you

Just weighs you down

Confuses you

And holds you back

So we ask you

With ALL the love imaginable


Why do this??

You are worthy

You have the resources

You are more than capable

This is where we interpret the difference between pain and suffering

It can be painful to be subjected to some of these beliefs

Continuing to deliberately experience them

When you have other options

Is suffering

Self imposed , as such


Within your law system

Within your education system

Within your government systems

There are procedures and protocols

That simply do not work for the majority of you

And yet

They remain


We know, you will never please everyone with the beliefs and limitations set for the masses

And that you may not yet have realised some of your personal beliefs need attention

We get that it’s a process

In and of itself

But be aware

Many things in your life that are not as you would like them

Stem back to your thoughts and opinions

Surrounding them

Change your outlook

Be open to change

Question for yourself what to keep , what to grow, what to release as life offers opportunity


It’s not difficult

It’s not impossible

You are able

It’s on offer

Unless of course

You believe otherwise


Ask yourself

What are my beliefs surrounding personal growth?

Do I really know who I am?

Do I believe I can create change?

Start a conversation with yourself

The great thing about questions

Is that they have answers

Questions are finite

They are the hard line

Answers are not

And you can’t change the question without creating new meaning

You can change answers to the question constantly

They are a response

And they are fluid

(well everything is Fluid really, but lets not create complication, just because we can)


Contrary to what some of you may be thinking


and Over

and Over

Humans are naturally




And completely capable of


Can Humans Apply New Growth Everywhere


Much love



Join The Joy