See Yourself

27 Oct , 2022

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To create with ease

You have to be able to see yourself in the version of your life that has your want


If you can’t imagine yourself there

You are still creating a match to the energy you are already in


What you are busy creating is more of the same


If you are taking too big a leap from where you are

to where you want to be

If it’s unbelievable or uncomfortable to you

Perhaps that’s because you’re not ready

Scale it back

Create a series of events

Steps in your desire to end up at a destination

That way your energy can level up as you go

Your acceptance of yourself grows as you move forward

The important thing is to remain in forward motion

To keep growing


If you are at odds with what you want or you’re not feeling it


Perhaps you’ve missed what your real want is


Like instead of having a million designer handbags……

You really just want to feel happy


Don’t mistake your wants and the results

Your feelings are integral in telling you where your real wants lie

If you’ve misunderstood the object of your desire to be something physical

When in fact it’s metaphysical, emotional or spiritual

Your feelings and emotions will be what offer the clues

When you’ve got the handbag and are still feeling less than

It’s a pretty clear indication

It’s not about the stuff

It’s about who you are

What you can be

And it’s internal

Even when you thought

It wasn’t

If you can’t imagine yourself in the version of your life that already has your want

You aren’t aligning your wants with your energy

You’re aligning your resistance or beliefs of what’s not possible

It’s like playing catch up

Your thoughts , feelings , body and energy all have to sync up

And create a vibration of alignment with each other

It’s important to sync your energy

The most immediate vibrational match you create

Is syncing your energy to your body

In effect what you’re doing is creating connection between solid matter, physical

To non physical energy, all you can’t see 

When this connects

Alignment is created

And energy travels this pathway with ease

To create a clear vibration

On purpose

Otherwise your confusion or indecision is the dominant signal you’re sending


Unless you’re in a state of bliss

Or your life is busy being joyful

You’re wanting something other than what you already have going on


If you can imagine yourself in the version of your life that is already being doing or having what you want

Your energy is busy creating a vibrational match

Not to the current moment

But a point in your future

It’s connecting with energy elsewhere

This is cause and effect in play

What you are being doing or having right now

Is affecting your experience to come


The universe is nothing but energy

And it likes to be in the company of energy that’s the same

It seeks it out

So your thoughts and feelings are a beacon to universal energy

They will find each other and align and Be

At the point of conception, your thoughts are busy sending a signal to the universe

Emitting your wants

Your feeling and emotions are supporting the thought

It’s a done deal after that 

Hold your vision steady and it will come to pass just as imagined or inspired

Grow it with how you feel

What it looks like

And it will arrive 

Otherwise , you’re just exploring the possibilities 

Window Shopping so to speak

Or of course creating more of what you already have going on

Dream big

Travel light

Breathe it all in

Pace yourselves

There’s no point your energy arriving at a destination

And your body is like lost luggage

As a physical Being

You need your body to experience your life

It’s the best part about having one

(A body)

(And a life)

All they can do together


Much Love



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