Hi I’m Kate

I have a body

I live on planet earth

I have likes and dislikes

I don’t have all the answers and my questions are usually about human behaviour and what comes next

I believe that everything that exists is energy

And that all energy is in motion , or vibrating

It’s just how mobile the energy is as to whether it’s creating solid mass or not

Simple , I know

I like uncomplicated

I’m a serial laugher

A constant thinker

And a forever explorer of possibilities

I’ll contemplate the stuff most others won’t

I’ll push the boundaries on what I can be , do , or have

All the time

And I’m fascinated with life and being my best self

Everything I’ve ever done or will do is about deep , lasting , personal growth

I can’t help it

It’s how I’m wired

Something else I can’t change

Is my ability to communicate with the energy we can’t see

The stuff we can’t touch

The voices that reside where we don’t

In the energy that’s not physical

It’s always been a part of my life in one way or another

And now , the conversation is with “Hope”


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