is the origin of all things. It’s Universal energy. Everything here , exists in complete balance and harmony


is being where you are, with a body


is where we are, as part of Source Energy


is simply about taking a non physical energy and manifesting it in a physical way. In our case, it means a bunch of sharing is being offered by way of conversation between “Hope and Kate”.

The/Your Vortex

is how to access Source Energy. It’s like a portal or doorway. We use it to connect with “you” through Kate and you use it to connect with “all that is”. Your vortex is where you do your best work, in it, you’re the version of yourself you are aspiring to be. You can access it in meditation or connect to it when you feel inspired or elated in any way.

Vibrational Match

is a term we love, simply because it’s the easiest way of saying that your energy is in sync with Universal Energy. (or not)

You can be a vibrational match to yourself, other people, circumstances, thoughts and ideas. When “Law of Attraction” is working you’re a “vibrational match” to your wants and the wants of others like yours.

Your ultimate “vibrational match” is to align with Source energy. To create the perfect balance between your physical body and all that is.


is all that exists outside your comfort zone. Any experience, thing, idea, opinion or belief that is new, different or in opposition to yours.

It’s integral in helping you make decisions and discerning what’s important to you.

Contrast is edited or updated constantly. It’s forever evolving.

The Leading Edge

is the absolute latest version of what’s manifesting.

It’s your most recent thought, belief, action, idea or inspiration. Not only personally, but collectively.

It constantly updates and expands from moment to moment. It’s completely organic.

Law Of Attraction

is a Universal Law
It’s based on the premise that everything that exists is energy
LOA simply means “like energy” attracts to itself “like energy”

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