A Psychic Medium is someone who uses their extrasensory abilities to communicate with spirits of deceased individuals. They act as a bridge between the living and the dead , providing comfort , closure , and guidance.

Spiritual Channeling involves receiving and transmitting messages from spiritual entities or higher beings , with the intention of providing insights , wisdom , and healing to the individual or group receiving the messages.

Both are tools that offer growth and perspective in daily life.

Sessions can be face-to-face if you are accessible to the Inner West of Sydney

Alternatively , we can connect through Zoom Video Chat or a Phone Call

Sessions last up to 60 minutes , please allow an extra 10 minutes in case we go over

The cost per session is $220 , payable at the time of booking

Bookings can now be made online

Just hit the “Book Now” button below


I’m Kate

and I’m

an Evidential Medium & Inspirational Channel


Most of my life I’ve been able to see , hear , and communicate with people that have left their life


In recent years I’ve also

been joined by a group collective that call themselves “Hope”

They have an intensive understanding of how the universe works

How we as humans fit into all that

And lots of great sharing that can deepen your connection to yourself

and the life you’re living


Between all of us

And what we offer

We’re all about

Creating clarity

Finding your Happy

Feeling Joy

And navigating your humaness


Your personal growth is a primary focus

Life is meant to be fun

And experienced with ease


We would love to be the bridge between


And those that are now elsewhere

Your Higher Self or Subconcious

Or share practical insights

that will help you feel at ease in your own bodies

as you create lives you can love


You might have loved ones that have passed you’d like to connect with

You may be unhappy with what your life is offering at the moment

Or just want to feel better

Either way

We believe you deserve answers and practical ways to move forward

We’d love to be that for you


Personally , I love life

We sincerely want the same for you


To book a session

Just hit the blue “Book Now” button above

and select a date and time


For those attending in person, an address will be texted to you the day before your session


Those using the Zoom option will receive an invite and password when booking your session


In the case of phone sessions , I will call you shortly before commencement of your session


Please know that a recording of your session will be made available to you so that you can listen again at your leisure

This is often helpful to refer to information and digest it at your own pace


We look forward to meeting with you and sharing

If you have any questions or queries regarding sessions, please get in touch.


Much love

Kate (& Hope)

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