A Parent VS Apparent

10 June , 2022

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There’s a lot of chatter

And deliberate seeking

We are asked often

And We discuss openly…..

We explore this one topic more than any other

You have so many questions and queries surrounding it

And almost all are answered and responded to in the same way

It’s as if a standard can be applied

To all asking

Surrounding this subject


We talk with Kate often regarding her children

We laugh with her

We see her sadness

And we embrace her efforts


As a person there is much we know of her

Very little is set in stone for Kate

She’s always open to change

2 things , however , remain static for her


“I never want to stop growing”


“I refuse to make my children wrong

Because they make different choices to me”



These desires make up her parenting style

And they work

Consciously or unconsciously

They serve her


A lot of you can’t understand the disconnect

Why you can’t relate to your children

or why your relationships are fractured

or not thriving


The crunch is this


You want your children to have the same vibration as you

Or a direct representation of it


There’s nothing wrong with your vibration

It’s right

Right for YOU

The point is , it’s already taken

It’s yours

It can’t belong to anyone else

And it’s just not possible to replicate or duplicate

You are all one of a kind



Think back to when your kids were just an idea

Or before they were born

You listen to their tiny heartbeats with enthusiasm and longing

Your futures together are full to overflowing with possibilities

That tiny rhythm from within that means so much

And you want them to be all sorts of things

You want to give them all kinds of gifts

You want them to be well and healthy and happy


And then they get here

And they grow and get bigger

And they start to express their own unique personalities

And opinions

And choices

And it’s funny and heartwarming and Instagram able


Until it’s not

And you want to turn them into YOU

When you don’t agree

When they want something different

When they behave in a way you don’t desire

When you don’t understand them

And their wants

When they want to have a say in their choices

Help your children to firstly 

Find their intuition

And secondly 

Train them to trust it

What are the things about yourself you’d change if you could?


If you are living a life with those character flaws ,

So are your children

If you are expecting them to share not only your physical DNA

But your metaphysical biology

Is that really what you want for them?

It’s a way of Thinking that adjusts and shifts this skill set

And it’s history

Deliberately engaging and activating your thought process

realigns your life’s navigation tools

It makes you a better parent

And a better Being


Use your inspired blueprint to guide your tiny humans

If you are only ever seeking to be the best YOU possible

You make for an amazing parent

When your humans are fully grown

and your family snaps capture vibrations that look nothing alike

The smiles are what shows the parenting was solid

That your best was grown 

and given

And that the fundamentals in play will continue as your legacy


So be selfish

Invest in yourselves every moment of every day

Then watch that learnt behaviour

echo out into the world as your children do the same

It’s the true meaning of a gift

And it’s one that no matter your circumstances

You can all afford

When you gift yourself

You give back

You create growth

And you assure expansion


And theirs


They draw on your energy

Not your actions

Your energy is key

Your actions are secondary

You cannot lie

You cannot hide

Children are a heat seeking missile when it comes to this

They know

Their soulular energy latches onto yours


You listened to their tiny beating hearts

Held your breathes

as you connected with the life force before birth

Now is no different

They are still their own heartbeat

They have their own free will

And they are creative Beings

Just like you


Guide them to create well-being

To listen to their own inspiration

Make it safe to explore life

Encourage conversation

Foster goodwill , respect and appreciation of all things

themselves and others

Let your love of them include their freedom to choose for self

You do not own them

You cannot be them

And they cannot be you

And although they are are still in the process of growth

Allow them to Be

Help them expand into their best version of themselves

Support their wins

Not your whims


We do not say they are completely capable of life without your efforts

But make it assistance

Not insistence

Show them

Lead by example

They will soak it all in

They will by osmosis absorb the constant connection of energy

For real results

Let your own energy flow


Teach them meditation

How to listen to their intuition

And create in the world

If you are living a life you adore

Want the same thing , not the same life

For your child


If you are struggling or not entirely fulfilled

Start with yourself

Grow your knowing that this can change

Invest in your own personal development

When your energy shifts

A whole family benefits

You will see change everywhere

When you grow, they benefit along with you


Be sure to share joy

In experiences of their making AND

Your own

Laugh with them in their choices

Be interested in their process

Appreciate how it looks through their eyes and hearts at times

In the sharing there is joy

Perhaps not of your instigation

Perhaps in ways you would never choose

But because you love them

Because you care

For a moment enjoy their choices


As they acquire more skill and grow and learn and expand

And need less and less assistance

Enjoy the process

You all did it

There are no forever toddlers amongst you

It is natural

It is the way of your lives

Embrace it

Flow with it

And remember

Like energy

Attracts to it

Like energy


Simply send a vibration of joy

And acceptance

And freedom

And appreciation

And they will remain in your orbit

They will live their lives attracted to yours


There are many roads to the same destination

And if the journey bought you joy

That is a life well lived


Parents are caretakers for a time

Your beliefs on parenting may need an adjustment

Children are wonderful ways of shifting your view

They colour outside the lines

They stretch the boundaries

And they never stop growing

As a parent

With a healthy sense of the world

And a grip on your own Being

You would be wise to follow the same path


It’s not like you reach a point where growth is no longer possible

The body may reach its full physical expansion

But the “energy you”  does not

Your vibration continues to emit and attract

A result where both parties are sending and receiving

joy and growth

Is a wonderful relationship


Much love


19 May , 2022




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