” All the Feels “

7 Jan , 2023

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Don’t be afraid to feel

It was put in place to guide you

To assist in your decision making

To harness the joy of the moment

And to allow you to really understand yourselves


To react to it in any other way but with acceptance 

Limits it’s experience and productivity 


When you’re tapped into your feelings

When you use them as a barometer to how you’re doing

They are a positive tool in your life kit


When you completely immerse yourself in them without consideration for their purpose

Your lives will be out of balance

You are now using them as “all there is”

Not as part of the process


They do not own you

They were not designed to consume you

Their true intent was always to help alignment

To assist

To guide how far you’ve come

Or where best to place your attention

They alert you to areas of potential growth

Or register cause for celebration of what has already been achieved


That is why

Where you are

With a Body

You have Feelings

And where we are

Without one

We have Knowing

Just another reason your bodies are such a gift


Much love


2 Jan , 2023





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