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27 Dec , 2022

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The other day ” someone “

Who shall remain nameless

It’s that , or join witness protection

Said to me ,  in the midst of my hustle

“ Just relax! ”


It’s been said to me before

By different people

In different situations

And sometimes it’s meant for me

And sometimes it’s their stuff

Either way…..

It’s commonly , NOT , the best thing you could say to someone who’s in a state of flux

Well , more to the point……

It’s not what you said

But how you said it

That gets you the death stare

Or the silent treatment in response

Just sayin…….


Either way

Own it

(This is wise advice for those that flippantly said it too)

Take a breath

And slow it down a sec

In this case it worked for me/us


I realized I wasn’t angry or upset

I was feeling rushed

And wanted quick responses


What I hadn’t realised

as I bounced around the room at the speed of light

There were sparks coming off me

Maybe it was because I was engulfed in flames, that I just didn’t see them…


The other person in the room was just feeling flipped out by my hustle


Big breath

Calm my thoughts

Cool my jets

Ask the question again

Find the item


Say thanks

And now ,  please proceed calmly to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion


Anyway , this one event , got us talking

As in ,  Hope and I

(Not the unnamed assailant)

As we do…..


“ To Relax ”

What the flip is it…….



Quite simply

It’s taking the intensity out of a situation or experience

And if you can do this

You can connect with your purpose or passion

You move from a place of stress , anxiety , fear , confusion , overwhelm

To peace , clarity , and being

Just being

Is the calm , confident , place you create your best action from

Here , your body , mind , and spirit , are in unison

You are in a unique place of optimum impact

Your vibration is level , or equal to , the energy that creates

” all you can imagine “

You are in the ” slipstream “

The ” vortex “

The “sweet spot “


This is as good as it gets

Because from here

Your reach is unlimited

You can be , do , or have , as you desire


Your instrument

Your vehicle

To do so

Is your body

Your body is laminated to your energy , your soul , your vibration

Whatever you want to call it

Or believe it is

Starts here


If you can’t relax your body

And then in turn your mind

So it’s free to create at will

You’re trapped

The energy that you are

Is stifled

It will always fall short

Or spin it’s wheels without gaining traction

Real results , come from a relaxed body and mind that tap your vibration

Relaxation creates results


If you want real results

Feed your body/mind connection through relaxation


We are absolutely going to say it again

And again 

And again 

For those of you who insists it’s bullcrap


Is the reset

You can all use


Even if you’re good at it

Apart from in the moment , just breathing

It’s still the one thing you can do that creates the clearest , strongest , most expedient results

Stop fighting it

Stop creating noise or resistance 

And get in sync

If , whatever the object of your desire is

Whatever you say you want

However you want to feel

Whoever you want to be

Is REALLY important to you

You’ll not only try this

You’ll get good at it

It will become a new life habit for you

You’ll invest

And move from bitching about it

To being it


Help yourself 

Stop expecting others to do it for you

Quit griping about who & what

When you won’t shift who you are

How you’re showing up

There’s no nice way to say this

Someone , somewhere,  is always going to be offended

Because that’s their choice

They’re busy looking for something to be offended by

” So have at it ” ,  We say


We’re over here

Just feeling good

Just living life

Just enjoying , or deliberately moving toward what lights us up

Not holds us back

Or stuck

“ Just fricken relaxing ”

So there…….


And before one of you asks…..


Taking a vacation

Is not meditation

But seeing as you’re usually in a state of relaxation 

It’s a wonderful time to start a meditation habit


And before you say it…….

Yes , you do have time

Nothing but time

You’re on vacation


Nice try


Most of you are currently enjoying “ time off ”

A chance to take a break


Consider giving yourself a huge gift

And setting your intentions for the New Year

With a new habit

If we could wish it for you 

We so would

It sincerely is the gift that keeps on giving

In the best possible way


Much love

Us xx

16 Dec, 2022


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