4 February, 2022

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I want love

I want joy

I want happiness and ease and laughter and peace

These are a destination

And the getting there is a journey

Your vehicle for your journey is your body

And the road you travel is life

This life

Right now

And in your pursuit of your destination

You’ll experience these things AND they’ll be your end game


Lets talk about Anxiety

Because so many of you feel it

So many of you have it

So many of you know it

 When you can make friends with it

It’s no longer a threat

It’s a companion

It can be a tool towards happiness and freedom

Not a desperate suffocation

If you can treat your anxiety like a clue to who you want to become

As opposed to who you are

It serves you

You make it a beautiful empathic energy that holds your hand

Not leads the dance

If it’s something that consumes you and takes over

And is ever present

Then it’s time to invite it in and embrace it’s true spirit


When your thoughts become things

And the only power is that of the current moment

And what you focus on grows and expands and gains momentum

And you’re filling all of those with Anxiety

We’re just guessing…..

But you’re busy growing something you don’t really want

If you can make your belief

That anxiety is my friend

NOT my enemy

NOT my downfall

NOT a negative


But this extraordinary dance I do with myself

This warm hug that never leaves

A constant unyielding love

A pure expression of inspiration and ignition

A positive process toward peace


You make friends


You see each other as equals


You are holding onto something that grows you

Relax into it’s existence

Know it can serve you

Not destroy you


It’s the desperate, negative, uncomfortable, manic nature you believe it has

That is where you get stuck

That belief can be altered, modified, or rejected

Your natural instinct is not to discourage LOVE

Or inspiration

Or friendship

Anxiety can be all these

Simply call it by a different name

Start to tell it’s story differently

Try to make peace

Embrace it’s freedom

And as you do

You will feel more ease

You will realise the synergy you two share is filled with insight and inspiration

As humans , your thoughts and language and feelings of anxiety

Just may not serve you

Change this


We absolutely know, that if you can attempt this one action

All that follow will take you to a better feeling place

You don’t need to tell yourself that your anxiety is a threat

You don’t need to spend your time running from it

Slow down

Walk with it

It’s not about escape

Its about embrace

Give each other a hug

This beautiful body you have

Has a clear expression

That will actually guide you , not destroy you

Make peace

Consider for just one moment that anxiety is just a feeling like any other

Allow it to be equal

Know it’s an expression of self love

If you can find this as your thought

You can make peace with yourself

Breathe deeply


You are whole

You are enough

And together, you got this


If you believe this to be rubbish

Ask yourself, if you feel the same about LOVE

Like all friendships or partnerships or relationships

It takes time to get to know and relate to each other

And the ones you cherish are the ones you protect

Perhaps your anxiety is simply a characteristic of your unique brilliance

A painter , or musician , or parent , would never question or ignore a part of their process that contributed to their success

Allow the possibility

That your expansion may happen through what you choose to call anxiety

And know that for humans

Your success

Is evident when you really know the self

And all your characteristics

Are part of the self


We adore every square inch of you

Inside and out

Breathe Beings

Make it play, not hard work


Be curious

Take a look

Entertain something new


Much love


26 August 2020


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