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18 June , 2023

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Hey there!

Hope you’re all doing ok

Well , actually better than ok


Why not, right?

Life’s good

You’ve got one

Have at it!



Just been sitting here ruminating on mine

And what’s been going on

What’s been showing up

And I feel compelled to share


I’m no astrologer

Definitely no expert or specialist

But I’ve always been interested

And paid attention to starsign traits

And how the pull of the planets plays into who we are and what’s going on

Even if it’s NOT something you can subscribe to

It has too many solid relevances

Not to take a look


So, lately, I’m looking

And Hope have had a bunch to say about who has come for sessions

And the stories and experiences that are circling and being shared with us


Over the last 2 weeks

We’ve had a significant number of Beings

Come to us to connect with loved ones or people known, that have passed

Nothing surprising here…….

That’s what we do


Add to that , the dozens of people I’ve connected with

That have shared their stories of dreams and visions of people they know that are dead


I’m talking…..


Visions on waking

Intense perfumes of those gone

Items physically moved

Random feelings of intense joy and connection to those not here

Hugs that felt too real , not to have been


AND, in the dreams, are intimate, clear, conversations

That have absolute clarity in their depth and detail, on waking

Distinct instruction bridging “them and us” to be actioned NOW

You know, the kind of stuff that can’t be known by anyone else

The kind of instruction that can’t be actioned by anyone else

“ Tell Aunt Betty, the key she’s looking for, is behind the fridge”

And she lost it , well after the persons death

And they discerned it’s the fridge in the garage, not the one in the kitchen, “Silly”


Can you relate to being told off

Even after they’ve passed…….

This person could!


This sort of synergy and coincidence fascinates me

So I’m on the hunt for answers


What’s going on?

Why now……

Patterns or repeated occurrences happen for a reason

Well, I think so

It’s life trying to share

Trying to offer something

Even if it’s just to get your attention

Nothing happens without reason

I’m just not into “things for the sake of it”

Other than random acts of kindness

And absolute Joy



When I check in with Hope

And ask all the questions

This is their answer


“ You have this saying, or way of explaining

And it’s “old fashioned”, but it works

When you talk about

“where we are”, as in , non physical

Versus, where you are “physical

Or, let’s just say it…

Dead or alive

You have called the space between these “the veil”

And in this space in your time

Right now

“There is a thinning of the veil”

And those that want to connect backwards and forwards

Have a greater chance of doing so

BECAUSE of where the planets and the cosmos is at

At the minute

And we don’t say it’s only that

But the connection between your wanting

And it happening

Has actually created the planets to align

During this experience of your making

Because “that” is a part of your collective wanting also


So those of you curious

Or those of you missing loved ones

Or those of you testing the nonsense that’s out there

Or those of you in tune with new energies

Or those of you wanting PROOF


It’s not only possible

It’s happening”


And sorry…..

Did I mention

That over 80% of people sharing with us

Are people

Who DON’T believe in life after death

Absolute believers in death being the END of all that is

You only live once” advocates

People who DON’T consider themselves spiritual

Or even capable of receptivity to messages or signs from BEYOND life

DON’T even know about Law of Attraction

or think the concept is rubbish


It’s not happening because of them……


I find it so interesting

I love it so much

It actually makes me so genuinely happy

Not only for those experiencing it

But for all of us

It’s evidence of energy that exists outside what we think we know

It’s just too random

And too obvious

To be ignored

And while you may not share my joy or perspective


It bears taking a look

Just pausing

And considering


Not that long ago

In the scheme of things

I took a good , hard,  look

At what was inclusive in my life

DESPITE my deliberate efforts to shut it down

To ignore it

To flat out refuse it


And it persisted

It found other ways to be heard

And manifest

And yes, I’m talking about the ability to communicate with that , that, can’t be seen by everybody

And it happened like this

Because while I was attempting to ignore it

I was giving my complete and absoulute attention to finding my joy

Looking for and exploring my unique passions

So the one , was connected to the other

And the more dominant vibration


When the talking

Or messages

Or conversation

Or visions

Or smells

Or sound

Or feeling

Makes sense

And can be very physically verified

And it’s stuff

From those I’ve NEVER met

FOR those I’ve never met

That I couldn’t know

I sincerely don’t know how else to explain it

Than to surrender to something greater than myself

And life as we “think” we know it


Embrace what you don’t know

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Because when you do

You become familiar

You grow what you know

And when you do that

Fear shrinks

Until it disappears

Or it’s manageable

And what you feared because it’s unfamiliar

Becomes natural

And your friend


Much love

Sweet dreams

Kate & Hope





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