Being “the Best”

8 December 2021

Being the best at something

Is strictly a human thing


As humans ,  you have this ridiculous standard that has to declare

Some One

Some thing

One singular

As ” The Best “

And then you wonder why “ you

As in you

As in one person

As in one thing

As in singular

Doesn’t measure up


As humans you have this crazy notion

That the value & the beauty of being The Best

Has to be a competition

A ” you ” , versus the world , kind of thing


It’s so messed up


When we say

Be Your Best Self

Just who , or what , is it that you compare yourselves to?


When you breathe in the joy of experiencing the best day ever

Just who’s are you holding it up against


When you look at a piece of art

And think it’s the best

Just who’s eyes are you seeing it through

The one & only platform to judge or experience the best from

is yours’

” YOU “

You are the marker of measure

You are the seeker of more

You are the only authority

You are the beginning AND the end


Own the pleasure of it

Stand in your strength

Cherish your perspective


Because really….

No one else can


Share the crap out of it by using your unique expression to grow Joy

Both your own , & others if they choose it


Please stop making the best version of you

a to the death insistence of only one winner


By nature of being YOUR Best Self , it belongs to the seeker

It is nurtured by the body

Your body

By your mind

Please be clear in this thought

When you think it , know you are feeding yourself only “ The Best ”


And your best will shift & transform & grow & expand

Each day of being your Best Self will chart a course to more

And your tomorrows will always be the better for your yesterdays


Allow there to be a planet full of the Best Humans

There has only ever been “ personal best

Each of you doing your best & then all that individual energy flowing into all that is


Being “The Best”

is really all about

the best ” Being


No matter where you are at

No matter how you see yourself

We think you’re “ The Best


Much love Humans


1 April 2021


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