24 Dec , 2022

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Hi there

As your year of 2022 winds down

And the next feels imminent

We want to wish you all the things you’d wish for yourselves

We hope you find joy

in all you can be , do , or have , in these moments


And regardless of your beliefs or tradition


Who you are

Where you’re at

What’s coming


Whatever that looks like

Whether it’s “Christmas”

“Happy Holidays”

The fact you’ve made it another loop around the sun

“Self Growth”

An “upgrade” in your quality of life

“Expansion” of your human capital


Put your feet up


Breathe deeply

Love yourself

You deserve it

As we see it

When the majority of you

are in a space of peace and completion

So very much is possible

Your “unlimited” lights up

And perhaps you see yourselves as more alike

Than different

Or at the very least

You recognise one another as human

And create connection

To yourselves

And each other


Much love

Hope (& Kate)



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