Energy Is the New You

7 February, 2022

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You can think yourself INTO

Or OUT OF anything

The power of Belief 

It’s been shown to you

Many times

Many ways

Over the course of your history

You seek it out

You run from it

It’s nothing new

And never gets old


So many of you want proof

What you haven’t come to terms with yet

Is that you create your own

And if you can do that…..

Why is it so difficult to grasp that you create your own lives

Your own destinies

Your own experience

Your own learning

You are both teacher and student


Have you , or someone you know , been shown a very distinct , very obvious “sign” ?

Something that brings with it peace & calm & assurance & BELIEF 

That all is well in your world

That the task at hand , NOW has a direction


We want to be the ones to explain and assure you RIGHT NOW

that this is what we mean by “creating your own proof”

You , in the moment of asking , became a vibrational match

To an occurrence that would confirm

Or deny

Your true north

Your vibrational point of attraction

And when we say deny, we mean , when you didn’t get a sign

When you didn’t receive


You still received

Your energy was busy wanting

The whole time

Perhaps just the opposite , of what you believed you were asking for


Whether you have this miraculous moment that you attach yourself to as a clear way to head

Or you keep wanting direction and labelling outcomes as a reason not to proceed

You are plotting your course

You are in the midst of vibrating

And attracting

It’s just about WHAT


Without realising ,

you may be asking for a distinct sign ,

to allow you ,

to take the direction that matches how you are thinking or feeling

About the decision to be made

You may not have connected yet

That you won’t do it

Because you don’t WANT to do it


You WILL do it

Because as you considered the whole thing

Your had already accepted it

In that moment , you sent out the memo either way

The universe is simply yielding to your vibration

If it were us, we’d be sure of what we really want

And we’d know that , by what’s happening to us

 Energy travels the path of least resistance



So in your supposed surrender

The moment in which you left it all to the Universe

You simply sent a want from yourself , out there to double back and greet you

In the form of a sign

It’s called “Looping”

And energy has always done it

It’s just that your energy may not have done it on purpose before


You guys have already worked with this to your agreed advantage

” Electricity “

There’s an obvious sign

Energy twists and weaves and shoots forth

It’s tricky

It’s fabulous

It’s all about how you use it

Just ask Edison

He was a guy with vision

He wanted deliberate results

He wanted to guide something on purpose

His way

To create something physical

From something he couldn’t see

Something non physical

To become something tangible, or visible

And just for the record…..

There were others

He was one of a number working with energy , in that way


You guys are still playing with the science of it

It’s just that the “type of energy” has changed

Well , for you anyway

You guys love to label

Love to create ownership

So you’ve got numerous types of energy, supposedly

The one we would align with most, if we had to choose…..

Is what you’re calling “Quantum Physics”

We’re not into the labels

Cause really , it’s all the same

We get that for ease of sharing you’re calling it different things

But in essence

It’s all the same

And WE personally , would be more focused on the how to use it

Than what it actually is, or who discovered it first

That ship has already failed

Ah, we mean sailed…..

Either way , someone , a few someones’ actually, throughout your history  have been playing around with it and using it deliberately with great success

The issue with the whole mass market thing

Was you guys

You just weren’t ready

You couldn’t wrap your heads around it

A lot of you were so busy wanting to think like the group

You couldn’t see the gift being offered

It was just more important to be in the majority, than the minority…..

It was just choice

And that’s cool


Anyway, we digress

Getting back to here

And now

This point in your expansion

On this planet

You still have the opportunity to create deliberately

To use and move your energy to create a bespoke life

The one you want to be living

And with ease

We’d focus on that

The freedom and ease of being

It’s available

It’s free

It never goes out of stock

And you design how it looks

And feels

And attracts

You are a product of your own creation

Quite literally


And you can resist this thought till you don’t

It’s your choice

And a lot of you are making it

Choosing it

Actually, some of you are even offering deliberate proof of it

You now have documented proof of studies and data that’s been collected and correlated and presented

Google for it

It’s there

Go back over your history

Those called crackpots, are now able to be seen as visionary

None of it’s new

It’s simply whether or not you’ve embraced it

You humans can be a slow burn

A tough crowd…..


The funny thing is

Nothing happens , without invitation

So you’re asking

And the numbers are stronger than ever before in your time

And they are growing and expanding

And that too, is by your invitation

Your want for more

Your need for answers

Your disinterest with what’s already familiar

The same old, same old

You want new

New to you

Something you have more say in

Something that empowers you

Security AND Freedom


We are here

You are here

Let us see what we can create together


Thanks for the invitation

We accept


Much Love


7 Feb, 2022


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