Feel Your Way

4 December , 2021


Do what feels good & reach for what feels better


Every thought you have

Every decision you make

Everything you do

While you are busy being

Will have a feeling attached

This is your point of attraction doing it’s thing


Whatever the feeling is , will give you clues to moving forward

And it’s not about good versus bad


The level of ease you feel is an indicator of where your greatest growth or expansion can occur

Most often when you feel uncomfortable it’s a clear sign that there’s room for change

In making choices and decisions , if you can make them from a place of feeling good

Where your vibration is clear

Your point of attraction will be too

And it will happen easily

If all you ever do is reach for something that feels “ better ” than what you already have going on

You will create a clear vibration

Sometimes you might keep being , doing , or having what feels good

Until it doesn’t….

This is easily resolved

Just go back to reaching for something that feels better


The objective is just to keep reaching for what feels better than this moment

Regardless of the results


Much love


5 Aug 2020


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