Feeling F low

7 April , 2022

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You are a physical Being

As a physical Being you emit a vibration

And your vibration attracts to it , energy that’s either the same or similar

What dominates your energy , and how it flows or shows up , are your feelings

When you feel something , your energy reacts to the feeling

Your bodies are designed to work in synergy with your feelings

Your thinking and your feelings work in such close connection

to create your vibration

that it’s often difficult to tell which came first , or which one’s in charge

 Just know that your thinking has ultimate say

And your feelings will always offer support to your thoughts

They know they’re a team

One will forever support the other

They’re consistently in each other’s company

Thinking is the instigator always

And feelings are the support crew or navigator


It’s important to know this relationship

And how to negotiate it

to achieve lasting results

You will feel , any number of ways

As a response to what you’re thinking

Because you’re not always , obviously aware , of what your thoughts are

Your feelings seemingly show up first

They are actually just the 1st responders

They are sent out to assess the situation

To highlight a way to proceed

To alert you to what’s happening beyond the obvious or to confirm what’s right in front of you


When you are in the midst of joy and you’re feeling happy

It’s pretty straightforward that your thoughts are completely aligned as the reason for your buzz , with the harmony of your feelings

Your dominant vibration is a no brainer

It’s more of a treasure map when you’re behaviour is displaying the opposite


If you’re emotionally flat or down

Take note of what you’re doing

What you’ve been saying

And when your feelings started sending the signal

There will be linked clues to help you find your way

To seek out the thoughts attached to why you feel that way

It may take a while , it may be instant

But the system works


Retrace your steps , working backwards is helpful to finding the source of your feelings

Kate will ask herself questions along the way , to try and pinpoint the pressure point

Just like someone checking your body over when you’re injured

They’re a diagnostic

Your feelings help you diagnose what’s happening and where

She’ll work back to what she was thinking about or what she was doing around or before her feelings shifted


Sometimes it will be a fleeting thought that you forget or seems unrelated

Don’t labour this

Be patient

If you keep having the same thought ,  it will show up again

Just know to be aware of its presence

If you are wanting to feel good

You’ll connect the dots

Just reaching for what feels better

Will have you adjusting your thinking

Being open to changing or modifying your thoughts and beliefs will send a vibration of change for the better

You become more organic in your process

And as such , more and more will take care of itself

There will be less and less effort required


Your bodies actually know what they need and they naturally feel what they want

If you will just let them

If you insist on attaching yourself to deliberate outcomes

Make it this one

“ My body is always in complete alignment with my Wellbeing “

And just for the record

Your body includes your thoughts and your feelings

Your body is anything you can be , do , or have

And when all that exists

Is energy anyway

Flow is the dominant vibration


As humans you strive for understanding

You insist on wanting to know the process

From our perspective , that wastes energy and often adds to the resistant thought that flows

We would recommend simply making the shift

Just reconnecting to what feels good

Or at the very least , what feels better

And continuing on from there


A break in transmission

Disconnecting from your positive vibration

Can be resumed with ease

Just carry on

Going back and reliving things is only of service if you enjoy it , or it brings a feeling of peace

Perhaps if you know this is how the moving parts work

You can let go

And let live

Be like the doctor , once the diagnosis is made

Do all possible to activate healing or ease

You don’t need to keep reliving the trauma to move on

You can just know your body is designed for change

If you seek it

It will occur

You can feel great about this


Much Love


7 April , 2022


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