“How To Want” Hacks

15 February, 2022

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First decide your WANT

Then it’s important to attach yourself to it

If you’re a vibrational match to your want , it’s in your energy already

It’s finding it’s way to you

Try to imagine the look and feel of it

How the being , doing , or having it , looks and feels

Often the feeling is easier if it’s something tangible

To imagine the literal feel of something with your body


When it comes to your emotive feeling

As long as you attempt to attach to a feeling that is better

than how you feel in the current moment

you are moving forward

You can close your eyes

And relax into how it would feel in your body to have your want already

Practice feeling happy and grateful about your want as part of your experience

Just as if it exists

 You don’t need to figure out how you’re going to acquire it

That’s not your role

You simply need to hold your vibration clear so it can find you

It will align with you , if you do this

Again , grow your vibration , by becoming a vibrational match to your desire

It’s not difficult

And there is no struggle

Take small steps forward everyday

Remain open to change

Know that you may not understand how it’s going to happen

Just that it WILL


This is where being Grateful is helpful

If you know the feeling of peace and fulfilment in achievement

It’s so much easier to recall it deliberately

To apply it to something else

To repurpose the feeling and apply it to helping create something else favourable

The more you practise this cycle

or create this habit

Of wanting something , it’s arrival , feeling gratitude for it , happy you have it

The easier it all becomes


For Kate, she will first discern her want

Just what she wants

She will work on the clarity of it

As in, is she asking for the right thing

Whenever you ask for something, there is the exact opposite of it

And when you are coming from a place of lack

It’s easy to ask for the opposite of what you actually want

Because you are more focused on its absence 

Than its presence


Because what comes to you is always a match to you

Your results may seem like nothing’s working

For example

If you want to lose weight

You may focus so much on the excess weight

That what you are actually asking for is more of it

NOT the absence of it

This is where clarity is important

Peel back some layers

Look closer


“ Why do you want to loose weight ? ”

Maybe it’s because you don’t like the way you look

Maybe it’s because you have health issues

Maybe it’s because you feel unhappy

We would suggest using these deeper responses to create your want


Really what you are expressing

What your true vibration is shaping


“ I want to love the way my body looks ”

“ I want absolute wellbeing ”

“ I want to feel great in my body ”


These are wants that put you in an immediate vibration of gratitude

& reach out to vibrational alignment with all that is

They expedite your point of power

Kate would actually find herself asking for the action

This way , she’s already Busy BEING

“ I want to be a vibrational match to loving the way my body looks each day ”

“ I want to be a vibrational match to Absolute Wellbeing always & forever ”

“ I want to be a vibrational match to feeling great in my body everyday ”


You have a saying

“ Thy Will Be Done ”

And yours can

Your Will is your Want or Desire in motion

And it is natural that it come to pass

It’s one of the laws of your Universe

It’s the ultimate version of The World Wide Web


It’s The Unlimited Universal You

Like the Web , it exists

it’s constantly being added to

subtracted from


in motion

with endless choices and scenarios

You’re totally connected

Hooked up

Switched On

And happening

Now & Forever


Much Love


11 Jan 2022


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