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21 April , 2022

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Let’s talk about thinking

How you’re taught it

How you are taught about it from your first breath


Your frame of reference in the world re: thinking came from your parents/caregivers

They taught what they knew

What they thought

At the time


If you were rebellious or curious , you tested those beliefs

But a lot of you

Didn’t completely sever the thoughts when you moved on or away from them

You need to create your own from that point

As in , a completely separate belief that you are 100% invested in

And then allow the old belief to exist for someone else


Choice means you are not equipped to carry the same beliefs as a standard

You have to choose for yourselves

So you can invest in that

As in “we all get to choose”

Or hold the pattern of a dual belief

One you were taught and don’t agree with

AND the one you want to reach for

Either way , it’s a mixed message


Or maybe you did half the job

You decided not to accept what you were taught

But didn’t replace it with a new belief

Which means

You’re really working under the premise of the old belief because it’s still your dominant vibration


Everything you’ve been taught

Came from someone else

It was a pattern that was repeated

That’s what your parents/caregivers believed

Because it’s what they were taught

So they taught it to you


That’s what they decided to believe

And because they believed it

They thought it was valuable

So they taught it to you


At the very least

You were taught to believe that what happens to you

And how something turns out

Is all there is

There’s no way to change stuff

But there is

You just firstly , haven’t realised

And secondly , attempted to do so

 Your core belief as humans in the world

Is that you have no control

Or limited control

Over your life and existence

When in actuality

You hold all the control

And it starts with how you think

How you think about what you think

When you think it

If you think it

What you choose to think

Is all there is

You don’t even actually exist as you believe you do

You are energy

A stream of energy in the shape of a human

And energy is not governed by limitation

It has none

It is fluid

And unrestrained

It exists , so therefore it is

It’s not about time

As in , for how long

Because time doesn’t exist

It’s a fabrication of human belief


And to acknowledge it’s presence

could only be done in a meaningful way

if you allow the belief that it’s not linear

that it’s not quantifiable


What you’ve all learnt about till now is limitation

How to experience it

How to create it

How to use it to control

Both yourselves

And others


When you remove limitation

All that you can imagine is possible


And for most of you

You let that create fear

We tell you

You can have a life without limitation

That you can create at will

And you choose to create fear


And that is a reaction to compounded teaching

You fear what you don’t know

You want to have boundaries

You want to be told what to do

Or more to the point , you believe you do

The last 2 years of your lives have shown you this

The last few years of your time is a result of your own making

You created the initial event

And then carried on from there

You’re still doing it


If what has just occurred doesn’t prompt you to stretch your thinking

And explore who you are

And what you want

And what beliefs you’re going to carry forward with you

As a choice

We’re not sure what you’re going to create next

To give yourselves permission to do so



Was a gift

It was given in the hope of exploring more

From another vantage point

To play in a different sandbox

With new toys


For a long while

Most of you wanted the boundaries to be firm

To be in place

And for there to be control by punishment

When you attempted to go beyond them

Most of you thought this was best


There’s always been a small percentage of you who push back

Who dream

Who wonder

Who think differently

The scales are tipping

The numbers are growing

There are those who want more

They are realising that the math isn’t adding up

That what they’re doing and saying and feeling

Doesn’t belong to them

They don’t own it

They don’t believe it

And it has them asking



You’ve used your time to highlight “injustices”

To your planet

To each other


The only injustice

Is believing

That anything you can be , do , or have

Is static


Pain , sacrifice , struggle are not growth

They are a signal

A sign

A precursor

That there is room for growth

When you struggle you are not growing

When you feel pain toward or about struggle

You are not growing

When you choose to continue

Despite how you feel

Because it’s able to change

When you acknowledge the power of your choice for the pain in the first place


And only then

Is there unlimited


There are millions of reasons and scenarios for pain and struggle

Primarily , it’s been taught

That if you want something bad enough

You must be prepared to feel pain to acquire it

You must keep struggling until you achieve it

If you can survive all that ,  you deserve whatever you were reaching for


This belief

Is simply a habit

One you enjoy

Or not

Either way

Most of you still continue to believe it

Or you certainly act like you do

You keep doing it

You continue to say so


What if life was NOT about struggle or pain or sacrifice

What then

What if all you had to do to acquire anything

Was be grateful when it arrived

Over and over

Simply choose


Give thanks

And repeat

Guess what!


If you choose to consider something outside what you’ve already got going on

Let us know

We’ll be here

In fact that’s why we are


Enough of you want to explore more

Your energy created a vibration

We respond to like minded energy

So here we are


Much love



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