No 1 Belief

17 Oct , 2022

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When we talk about expansion

And growing who you are

And living a life that you love

And moving toward change

that creates more of what you want

and less of what you don’t


And we say

“You decide”

“You get to choose”

“You are in charge”


And we share with you

some of the untapped Laws of your Universe

And encourage you to try them out

Use them as you will


We are all about knowing deeply

And without doubt

That what we share works


So when it comes to thoughts

And your thinking


Your thoughts becoming things

And if you have the same thought over

and over

and over

It creates a BELIEF

And your beliefs are what run your life


There’s only ONE belief worth having


One that eclipses all others

One that will serve you your entire life

One that makes all things possible

One that brings and creates unlimited joy

Complete freedom

Absolute security


Belief in yourself

Self Belief


If you have just one Belief

Or just “one more”

Make it this one

If you choose to limit your beliefs

And what you’ll try out

Or buy into



Make it



Belief in who you are

Fosters security

Place your trust in the one person

you have complete control over

Invest in the source of all outcomes

Your life is nothing without you

Quite literally


You are here


In this body

By your own design

Choose you

Grow you

BE You


There is no getting it wrong

You cannot fail

Know that each moment of your life

leads to another

And they are yours

To explore and create

And grow

Who you want to Be


We sincerely

Without hesitation

With all the energy we can muster

Believe in You

Believing in You


Much love



Join The Joy