Own it

17 April , 2023

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Think of a duck swimming

You can see what’s happening above the water line

What you don’t know or can’t always see

Is what’s going on below the surface


The fun

Is in wanting to find out


You multitask all day long for the things you love

For the people you love


You keep all the balls in the air 

Just fine

When it’s for something you see value in

Or you choose to do

Or you’re passionate about


All the tasks that are fun

Or you deem worthwhile

Or worthy



Get done

And with care

And with speed

And with joy


And that’s because you see them that way

You consider them that way

You’ve decided

Your framework for them is of fun


The point

Is to convert any and all things you’re being , doing , or having 

To things you love

Redefine what they are


And connect with the person that’s worth loving the most


The difference between a life you love

And a life you tolerate

Is simply

How much of it you accept and experience 

From a place of joy

Take a task

ANY task

And for someone

It will be both


and overrated

Different people

Same experience

Different outcome


You’re all unique

And you get to choose for yourselves

Just what you select

And then how you imprint it

What meaning you give it

Is where you align with your happy

Or not


We would love for you to connect with this point

To break it down

To invest in thinking outside your usual

When you’re engaged

When you’re invested

When you see value

When you decide to

You achieve great things

You are so much more

You create with ease

You are productive


You don’t complain about it

You don’t judge

You care less about how it unfolds

You feel ease and motivation

You let yourselves represent inspiration

You just get on with it

Whatever IT is


We want you to see and feel and know

The difference

What it is to action ANYTHING from a position of willingness

As opposed to a place of resistance

Because you all do it

We watch you

We wish you could see yourselves

Acknowledge what’s occurring

And deliberately own it

And execute it

At will



When are you going to connect that

You make the rules

You are completely equipped

It’s not only possible

You are already doing it!


If the rules aren’t working for you

Change them

Create exceptions

Add colour

Be flexible

Be adaptive

Take notice


Your lives

Are of your own design

Get creative

Pay attention

Be curious




Creating space for all the things you enjoy doing

In all the places you love being

At all the times they happen

For all the people you consider important

Or worthy


For example:

We immediately think

Of “parents”

And all they will do for their kids


Parents are productive beyond belief

They create constantly

And often from a place of exhaustion

And lack

They just keep coming up with more

More love

More joy

More care

More nurturing

More everyday needs

And they do this willingly


Then there’s love interests

Don’t get us started

On what you as humans

Are prepared to execute here

Without winging

Without creating limitation

And all the while smiling

Signing up for more


Take these examples

As your resilience

Use them as demonstrations

Of your true power

Your real value

Just how amazing you already are


You all have this untapped wealth

If you can reassess

What you have already assessed

Take an objective look

At when you will and won’t

Choose on purpose

And own the choices you make


Because when you do

When you actively own who you are and what you’re about

You can create change

On purpose

And in the moment


You cannot affect

What doesn’t belong to you

There is no negative

In owning ALL that you are

And ALL you have created in your life

ALL the choices you have made


If it’s yours

You can expand on it

You can redirect it

You can make it into something else

You can remove it

You can make a different choice

Give it different meaning

Ownership is not only about things

or stuff

You’ve been taught this

It’s consolidated in your humanness , daily

It’s reinforced constantly

In your law making

In your education systems

In your creativity spaces

In your thinking

You believe ownership is external

And of tangible things


Powerful positive forces of the human condition

Will and Do and Must include

Purchase over your Choices , Behaviour ,  Actions , and Essence

If you want to feel freedom

If you want to create Joy

If you want to Grow and Expand

If you seek change



Are You

Because of You


The End

That was all they wrote

Fade to Black

Queue the credits

Close your eyes



There quite simply is no greater power

Than YOU


Much love



We wish to express clearly and without hesitation

We own so completely the love we feel for you

Treat this as our copyright

Our disclaimer

Our insertion

Our admission

The contract

Our decree

Our decision


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