R e s p e c t

16 June , 2023

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Never respect someone or something else

At the expense of disrespecting yourself


In essence

Respect for others starts and ends

With the level of care,  concern,  and value you place on the self

The way and degree of consideration and self love that’s offered

And displayed

And extended to “the self”

Self respect is all you need

To demonstrate and express respect for others

If you don’t care about you

You’re really not in a great space or mindset

To care and nurture others

Let alone appreciate their point of view or choices



This applies to being

a friend

a boss

a parent

a carer

a colleague

a love interest

They’re all scenarios

That are about interaction with the human condition

Though the vehicle you’ve all got



Your body 

A human being

An earthling



How well and just how much 

You nurture

And prioritise your most

Intimate relationship

Will be evident in the results that are showing up in your life

How your business is running

How productive your staff are

How loved up you feel in certain company

How content and adaptable your family seem

It’s all there

And it’s a direct reflection of you

And who you are “to yourself”

Whether you’re placing priority on people outside yourself

Before you consider who you are

And what you want



Being someone else’s doormat

Will never welcome you home



A lot of you have it backwards

You read it in reverse

In a position of care for others

You have a duty of care

A lot of you think that means in the way you care for others

The way you interact

How you respect others

How you show up for all those respective other relationships



There is only one relationship you’re responsible for

Yes, even the parents



And that’s the one you have with yourself


If the connection you have to YOU

Is crappy

Or lacking

Or less than

Or uninformed

Or stagnant

Or misguided

Or unclear

Or toxic

Or just plain overlooked

It will spill over into all it touches


And everyone you come into contact with

Will experience

The energy you are

And the space you fill



Of course, if those you encounter

Are running at optimum efficiency

And have a self care regime that prioritises who they are

And then in turn who they want to be


Cause they’ll see you

They’ll experience you

AND leave you to it

To do your thing

To just do you

While they carry on being who they are


And unaffected or drawn into your vortex of “blah”



But chances are high

The stakes are set

And the writing is on the wall


Law of Attraction

Being what it is……


Others, just like you

Are heat seeking missiles

Set and ready to respond to your call


Please don’t act surprised when you collide



And we say collide

Cause that’s usually what happens

It’s not the kind of coming together you get

When you attract someone 


“the energy”

Of bliss

And joy

And calm

And creative

And caring

When you’re wandering around as a storm cloud

Or an untethered paintball gun



There will be Jackson Pollock traces all over the place


And overspray


As opposed to the garden club sipping champagne

Just saying…..



And people…..

There’ll be signs

There will be clues

And absolute evidence

In your behaviour

And your life

As to who and what

BUT are you paying attention

Are you interested

Have you bothered to notice…..



Chances are


Please get curious

Take a look

OWN where it’s all at

Because when you do

Things can change


And quite quickly



Law of Attraction

The premise that shows energy attracts energy like itself

Is always at work

There’s no off button

When your life is the outward reflection of the level of self respect you are experiencing

You’ll know

The results will speak for themselves

And it’s easy to tell

If your self respect is dominant


You’re busy respecting others over your own needs and wants



This can look a little like…..

Never having time for the things that are important to you

Saying yes, when you mean no

Caring too much about what others think of you

Behaving in a way to please others or look “good”

Using the word “should” in relation to yourself

Finding fault in others and laying blame

Reliving the same scenario despite the same unsatisfying results

Please don’t confuse being self absorbed

Or self obsessed

With respect of the Self

They’re a whole other beast…..



If you can get out of your own way

Start stopping yourself

Before you begin

Cease fire

Life will not only support your efforts

It will reward them



There will be freedom

And space to fill

And satisfaction





When you fill your own cup

Grow your own energy escrow

You have surplus 



To share

To offer others when they may need a hand

When you want to respect others outside yourself

You’ve got the resources to act on that

Because it will either be

That you’re in a state to share

Or you’re stable enough to know you need your energy yourself

You have to prioritise where you’re at

In every moment

Respect who you are

And what you want

Not because it’s a them or me thing

But because you’re clear

You know when you’re aligning with yourself

Because of what you’re attracting to you



When you know who you are

How it all works

Why life behaves the way it does

And you’re feeling good

It’s simply part of the process

To respond

As opposed to when it’s not organically unfolding

And you’re left with “reaction”



Reaction is energetically charged with 

In the moment 

Misaligned results

It’s the stuff you get when things seem extreme

Too much





As opposed to




Light hearted





It was always designed

That humans

Would put themselves first

Take charge of themselves

Respond and initiate from a first hand perspective



It’s the point of power for your bodies

They possess and house the life-force that is who you are

Your body is a homing beacon to your soul while here in it

In real time

From a first hand perspective

You do you

While everyone else does the same



If you want a prosperous business

Be a generous spirited boss

If you want to be a great parent

Be a happy individual with kids

If you want to be a supportive carer

Nurture yourself first



It’s all part of the design

It’s woven into the fabric


Don’t struggle

Know that respect is just another word for 

Well Being

And if you are one (a well Being)

You’ll have some

Because you not only respect yourself

But the process

And you’ll get

That disrespect always emanates from a lack of self respect



Much love



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