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30 Sept , 2022

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You are ALL

No matter your age

Despite your beliefs

Directly opposed to what you think you know with all certainty now

Still finding your way


The things and premises you genuinely believe to be true and correct and of service to you in this moment

May change in the next

It is the way of things

It’s how your energy works

It’s universal law

That nothing is static

Nothing stays the same

Change is just expansion

And expansion is growth

And growth is good


Don’t freak out

Don’t start hyperventilating

REALLY listen to what we are sharing

THINK it through

There’s peace and calm and joy in the absolute meaning of what we’re saying


Pull your thoughts back from panic

Or at least hit the pause or go slow mode on your remote

Right here

Right now

We will impart the difference between the real you

And the one you believe yourself to be

We offer freedom like you have never known





We will put it in your own terms

Speak your language

Say it as you would

Explain in terms you can google

There are 2 words

Yes , just two

That are relevant right here




Lets look at them

Keep your attention here

Stay with us

(You can google in a minute)

(Just to see if we’re telling the truth)

(And before you get bent out of shape because you already KNOW what they mean)

(Stay focused)


Is the mad scary exchange you’re having with yourself right now perhaps

Where you are actioning any number of physical things with your body

Let alone the pretzel you’re twisting your mind into

About what you think you think

About what we’re saying

You are behaving like the person who’s run out in traffic


If you’d like a breather

Or some relief from all that…..

Put it down

Step away from it

Come over here

Look at us

NOW breathe

and again

and again

and now

You are about to open the door to RESPONSE


The difference

Quite simply



And NO

It’s not difficult

It’s just a habit

Like any other action or behaviour you participate in


Your lives are a succession of habits

Strung together

Happening all the time

It’s your bodies actioning at the minds instruction


If your “Go To” instruction is



But if you can just make a pact with yourself

To try something new

To absolutely , 100% , do nothing other than make breathing your next move

You will very quickly

Be in the realm of Response


While you’re here

Play out a few different scenarios

Hell , make up stuff that could be the meaning

to what’s just occurred

Or what you’re thinking about

There are LITERALLY millions of reasons that can be given to any one event

Endless thoughts you can register as the belief for any occasion


And , if you’re fluid

And responsive

And want the best for yourself

In this place

between Reaction

and Response

You could do a whole lot worse

Than cycle through some of them to see how they fit

Take the thought or the action that’s causing such disruption or distress

And think it through to a number of conclusions

Play it out in your head

It’s a “ let’s just say”



Kind of thing


If you can arrest your thoughts and your energy

Just long enough to consider the scenarios

The chances are better than great

That what you were reacting to

Isn’t what’s actually happening


That you have the absolute power to contain and control the outcome

And for the record

The outcome

Is the belief you carry forward

” Your Response “

No decent beliefs are created in the midst of the event

In the whirlpool of Reaction

Your thoughts are scattered

And often incoherent

They certainly don’t come from the best version of yourself

They are often based in fear or other extreme emotions

And just exacerbate or make things worse

Not better


Your beliefs are built

From the thoughts you keep on repeat

If a thought keeps happening and it feels uncomfortable

STOP thinking it

It’s your choice

You decide

Give whatever the subject is

A different meaning

One that resonates with you

One that soothes

Or at least lets your butt unclench


Don’t over complicate this

It’s really all about letting go

Maybe circling back

or not…

Some things just aren’t worth the attention

In fact EVERYTHING , in the moment

If it’s creating your crazy

Isn’t worthy of attention

Until later

Until you’re breathing with ease

Without the oxygen mask

Cause then, the ambulance has left the scene

You’re wrapped in a blanket

And the firefighters have gone home




So , as we said

You are all finding your way

about different things

at different times

in different ways

But there’s no denying



We can’t make you

We won’t want it for you

We will however

Tell you with absolute assurance

If you master how you behave toward ANYTHING your life throws at you

Your life will really feel like it’s yours

You will know what absolute power feels like


Reactions don’t deserve a bad wrap

They have purpose

They create Contrast

( Remember…. Contrast is “ Every other opinion or life choice that exists as different or in opposition to yours ” )

Both yours and the Reactions of others

Personally and collectively , you are all adding to the escrow of what’s on offer

The wellspring of what’s out there to experience

Whether you pursue any of it

Or not

Is up to you

Without something existing

You can’t make choice over whether or not you want to participate

Reaction creates sharing

And assists decision making


Now , the disclaimer

Is this :

If what you are faced with is something that creates ABSOLUTE JOY

Have at it


Cause that crap , is contagious

And deserves to be shared

And spill over

And ignite others

And be out there


Bearing this is mind

We sincerely hope your days are filled to overflowing



Much love



Join The Joy