17 August , 2023

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S elf 

E manating 

L ove 

F orce


In the space of Self Help

And Personal Growth

And Life Coaching

There’s hundreds

If not thousands , of people out there saying the same thing

What’s important

Is that you find someone you resonate with

Someone that’s speaking your language

Someone who makes sense


It doesn’t matter

How they’re saying it

Or what their message is

Or if it’s been said before


You may have heard the same thing said a million different ways

But when you’re ready

When it finally clicks and makes sense 

Or it shows up in the moment you need it most

That’s all there is


Those that question

Those that are curious

Those that think for themselves

Often need to filter information multiple times

Before it sticks

And sometimes,  just the way it’s expressed

Is speaking your language


As part of the exploring

Ask yourselves

What your truths are

Question, if something is actually real to you


A lot of what you think you see, feel, or are experiencing

Just isn’t

You’ve simply convinced yourselves of it

Or you’ve adopted someone else’s version of what’s true

But, when you peel back the layers

Or deep dive into somethings’ integrity

Or the real hold it has over you

You come to feel and see and realise

It actually isn’t , hasn’t, or doesn’t


We’ve chatted with many who come for help with a particular issue

Something, that in some way, holds them back or stuck

From moving forward or enjoying their lives with freedom

Once you begin

Once you’ve entertained the concept that there’s more to life

And you want it

There’s only one way to go

And that’s up

Or onward


In the case of Human Beings

That means inward 

To find out more about The Self 

To understand

And engage

The Self


When you do this

You grow

You feed into what’s expanding

And what’s expanding


The part of you that’s limitless 

And has the ability to become all you can imagine and more

Your energetic self

The essence of who you are

That exists internally 

And ripples out into your physical environment

We’ve had you say

My husband doesn’t love me

And we ask you

Doesn’t he?

And you say

No, he doesn’t

Are you sure of this?

Yes I’m positive

Ok, how do you know this with all certainty?

Because I feel it

Do you. How exactly do you feel it, share with us?

Well he doesn’t show me, and if he can’t do that he mustn’t

Doesn’t show you what?

That he loves me

And what is that supposed to look like, how does that look to you?

Well, he’s supposed do things for me and behave toward me like he cares

Ok , and how is he supposed to know what that looks like to you?

What do you mean?

Do you do this for yourself?

Do things for yourself that make you feel loved and behave toward yourself like you care?

Yes of course I do

Well, we wonder then , if you are doing it

Why does he need to do it?

It’s already happening, why do it twice, your needs are being met?


Let’s insert your pause here……


And let’s say you realign with your answer to


“Do you do this for yourself?”


And you answer

Actually no, or not always….”

So how, is he supposed to know what it looks like if you don’t do it?

He may feel that he is showing you love and care

If there is no example being set

If you aren’t leading by example or filling your own cup

There is no way he can know how you’d like it to work

If you’re not being clear

And setting your own point of attraction

(on purpose)

Then , who else really can, let alone “should”

He would be choosing for you


So we say to you

If you’re doing the asking

You’re also creating the results

The manifestation of all your wants

You are the point of power

The manifestation of Source Energy in your world


For Self

From Self

It’s the Best way to Better


Be deliberate

Ask for your hearts desire

Use your curiosity to get to the heart of your true desire

Check if what you’re after is physical, emotional, or spiritual

Often what you seek isn’t realised because you externalise it

Or believe it to be within someone else’s control, not your own


Here’s a few ideas that might get you started

That may be a beginning to rewiring your thinking

Finding your truth

How you’re framing your wants

Or leading yourself

Maybe just what your “love” language is

Or isn’t


“ It’s easy to love myself ”

“ My life is filled with love”

“ When/ Because I love myself, it’s easy to love others ”

“ I’m open to receiving love “

“I know when I’m really loving myself.It reflects back to me from others“


We love you

That’s a given

What we love MORE

Is seeing you love yourselves


Be your own echo


Much love



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