SOS (save our selves)

20 March , 2022

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A lifeline is only that

if you are reaching for it


There’s no point offering something to someone

who’s not open to receiving

or not ready to acknowledge it’s existence or need of it


You won’t value it , if you already have it

or you don’t want it

Doesn’t matter if it’s free

Or even if it absolutely 100% works

or adds value


People don’t use stuff they don’t want

or don’t need

or aren’t invested in

Throwing a lifeline to a drowning person

has immediate results

They grab at it with both hands

Do the same for someone floating on their back before a tsunami hits and they’ll ignore you

In fact, they’ll probably bother to laugh at you

 As humans , you have a habit of waiting till the last minute to engage

Which means so many of you are in complete distress before you action change

You’re not about the maintenance

The work along the way , that gradually and steadily builds stability

Assured results

The process of exploring techniques and information that makes life easier and constantly more flexible

The content that ensures constant growth and deliberate expansion


It’s nothing more than a habit

It’s learnt behaviour

It was taught

Or became your default


“ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it “

only applies to stuff that’s actually working

A lot of you are attempting to function fully as grit grinds your gears

You’ll upgrade , upscale, expand, research and invest in all nature of physical things

To have MORE

But you don’t ever consider doing this for the ultimate physical thing



You are a living breathing Being

You are constantly in a state of change

and this means you can do better


But only if you want to


WHY wouldn’t you want to……

Well that’s the kicker , isn’t it

We don’t know

Only you can answer that

For you

If you’re asking us

we would say…..

Stop seeking only to enhance external things

Look inside

Explore personal growth

It’s where all other growth stems from

and its the only form of lasting change in your total control


Most of you have absolutely NO idea of who you are , what you’re about, or what you are capable of

As human beings

In this universe

At this time

Let alone , what’s possible


And before you let yourselves run away with this

WE ARE NOT saying you need to turn your lives upside down

constantly contemplate your naval

turn your back on civilisation

or any other extreme, knee jerk reaction, that completely eclipses life as you know it

We are simply suggesting

You take a look

While you are living your life

Explore a little

Be open to some new ideas

Try some things on for size

You may just find some new fuel for your life

You might stumble across a way of being that brings so much joy

or makes so much sense

or repairs or inspires


Expand what you know



Even just take a real look at what you have as your current belief system

Give it a clean out

We guarantee , there will be stuff in there you no longer use

and even beliefs , you never actually subscribed to

They are simply hanging around taking up space and energy because they’ve always been there

Get rid of them

At the very least , see if they start up when you flick the switch


In your own frame of reference

“ it’s time “ people


Is all you’ve got

It’s as good a time as any

If not NOW


Stop putting it off

Stop prioritising other STUFF

A little daily maintenance can save major overhaul

Why wait for complete meltdown

or full blown stress to be your reason

Treat yourself with care and love and real affection


in this moment

and all that follow


Your lives are all about immediate gratification

You seek it

You expect it

From life

From others

and yet, you don’t action it from yourselves

You put things off

You make all kinds of excuses

If  , in fact you recognise

or own the behaviour

Don’t worry about what others are doing

You are in charge of You

Be responsible

Personal accountability is all on you

and it’s all you have control over

Stop blaming others

Stop acting like it’s external

It’s not

And now is your time

To action and ignite inspiration from within


The Laws of the Universe will do their thing

always have

always will

They don’t need your acceptance


or permission

They simply are

And you love this and what they’re doing

When it serves you

Until you don’t

And you want to play the blame game

And pretend you have no say


We’ll tell you again

It’s all up to you

Just stop trying to choose for others

when you haven’t mastered how to choose for yourselves

and you are limited in your knowledge and understanding of what’s out there and at your disposal




What you focus on grows

Where you put your attention , creates

and what you have control over, is you

Place your attention there

You deal with you

They deal with them

And all the moving parts will continue to move in perfect harmony and synergy with each other

Trust us

It’s nothing new

It’s always been

You just haven’t noticed


Much love


20 March 2022


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