The Resistance

13 December, 2021


Some of you are simply a Vibrational Match to “wanting

So , you just keep wanting

And your reward in motion is that you have lots of wants & don’t actually ever achieve any one of them apart from the original

Which was to have a bunch of wants



You got heaps!


It’s important to immerse yourself in the desire

To imagine the look & feel of having it

When you can do that with clarity

You can feel assured it’s on its way

If when you think about yourself , in the version of your life & existence , that has your Want , & you feel anything other than comfortable

Take notice , because that is what we call “Resistance


And your Resistance , is what stands between you, & the having of your Want

Work on that

Center your thoughts on the removal of any , & all , Resistance

Or the behavior

Or the belief

When you truly do this , you complete the process , & Law Of Attraction will match you to your sincere Want


If you ask for something that you cannot be a match to

That you are simply not ready to achieve

It is obvious why it’s arrival is delayed

Don’t see this as defeat

Or nonsense

The premise works

It is not flawed

You , & your lives are living proof in every moment , of the success & certainty of Law Of Attraction & how it goes


Your very human perspective is to see limitation

To believe that possibility is limited to your body and it’s visceral function

Your body is just the vehicle

The equipment needed

What’s possible , is actioned by your body , but not limited to it


Look at us

We don’t have the body

We still have achievement

Your body is a part of Universal Energy

You are attached to all that is

Your body is your expression of Universal Energy

It’s your car to drive the super highway of Source Energy

You are physical energy flowing non physical energy

Energy can move anywhere and everywhere in all different shapes & forms

Unless you create ” Resistance “

By believing otherwise

Your beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking

Think the same thought over & over

And it’s no longer just a thought

It’s your “now” belief


If it serves you

Hang onto it

If it’s no longer working

Give it an upgrade

Or just let it go altogether & replace it with something that feels better


Your beliefs are exactly that


You create them

You get to decide

And they can free you , or restrict you


No matter what you think

Your thoughts are successful

No thought is a failure

Because whatever you think , still attracts

It’s still working

Law Of Attraction is always & forever in play

You can simply start again , or change your thought , to change your results


If you can attempt to accept this idea

That is your first step to understanding & in turn knowing that Resistance is self made

That it is all about you , & only you

Because your thoughts are all that matter

And they happen in your body

You create them

You catalogue them

You modify or delete them

So any Resistance is in your control

And if you are experiencing Resistance

You get to decide for how long


And once you do

You are back to immersing yourself in the new reality

The one that has green lights all the way

The one that is already happening

And on its way to you

The new “Now” Vibrational Match you want


Much love


8 May , 2021


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