The Vortex & Meditation

11 December, 2021


Lets talk about this thing called a “Vortex” & how it’s all connected to being

….and then meditation


Ok , so having a physical body

Is A mazing!

But if all you ever do over the course of your life , is move further & further away from the ultimate being that you came in as….

Sorry , but , kinda

What’s the point?


Oh , & before we go any further

PLEASE let us remind a whole bunch of you , that it’s taken you a whole lifetime thus far to get a crappy habit of ignoring your intuition & finessing how to make yourself unhappy or at the very least , less than you want to be…..

Just sayin

So spending a good chunk of time & patience in creating a new , more pleasurable happy is hardly something to winge about or give up on in the first 5 minutes

( really you just need to commit to keeping an open mind )

(trust us , this really shouldn’t be too hard for some of you… we really wonder what rattles around in there and if anyone ever shuts the door….)

( just kidding! you’ll get used to our attempt at humour….)

( And who sayes more space isn’t a bonus , right! )


SO , lets just move back to the whole “ non physical ” stuff for a bit


The Vortex

Your Vortex

It ” is quite simply

A high concentration of energy

A superhighway of vibration

And when you meditate & slow your physical vibration to such a point that it matches

or attracts the same vibration as what’s in the Vortex

you connect or merge with all that is

You are in the “ slipstream

The 2 energies become a “ Vibrational Match

You connect with the version of yourself that holds the strongest positive vibes

And the most recent version of who you really are

The Vortex is ” where ” you access your Best Self

& Meditation is ” how ” you can get there

Without your body to register or hold Resistance

You step into your real power & infinite possibility

If you slow your mind , you calm & quiet your thoughts

You focus your lense , your instrument

Your body


That’s all meditation is

The more you meditate & enter this vibration

The more attuned your physical body becomes

As you meditate & realign yourself

Your body is creating a new habit

It’s expanding and allowing more

( As in more of it & more often )

To such a point , that every time you do it , it just gets easier & easier to enter a space of allowing ( the Vortex )

You will spend more time as your true self & less time resisting

And shifting from a vibration of resistance to one of untapped potential , will take less and less time


As a physical being , Meditation is the key to moving energy quickly & with unlimited results

If you develop a habit of it , you can shift & shape your energy to create as you choose

It’s the most powerful , expedient tool you have as a Human

It’s truly in the superpower category


We wish you would make use of it

You’ll have more energy , more time , more patience , more happy

Those of you who do (Kate) , can’t understand why it took you so long , AND why everyone isn’t doing it

Kate’s greatest pastime is being a vibrational match to herself

Surfing the Slipstream


From “Physical” when you access this vibrational space (again,“the Vortex “) your IQ expands enormously

Both intellectually & emotionally , but most importantly , inspirationally , or intuitively

You have at your disposal all the knowledge of the Universe

You tap into a library of “ all that is ” & all that has ever been

It’s the password to this never ending , unlimited super computer of life

Go get yourself a library card

It will be the single greatest investment you can ever make in yourself

YES! A library card

NO! Meditation

And it’s free!


Meditation is how you work on being a vibrational match to your Best Self

( and your Best Self is in the Vortex )

( & occasionally, random acts of kindness… )

it’s the ultimate in “Self Care

And it works


Much love Humans


7 April 2021


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