World Domination

17 June , 2023

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You want to rule the world

Or be the master of the universe

When you haven’t even mastered how your “own” body works

You want to be in charge

Why are you so obsessed with ownership

Especially of others

Particularly when you haven’t made peace with yourself

You don’t have a personal synergy

This is your strongest, most expedient way forward

And yet, you persist with all that is tangible outside yourselves


You are choosing not to pay attention

Not to “think” it through

Your belief is that large numbers of people , behaving together are stronger than your one personal belief


When there is only “personal choice

That’s your clue

You can only choose or affect “you


It’s “through” personal choice that you affect the world

It’s the only way it can happen

If you work on “you”

The world will benefit, by way of your point of attraction creating contrast and in turn feeding into group consciousness


Actually hear what we are offering

Apply it to only yourself

Put it into action

Take this premise and figure out what it actually is

Stop presuming you get it

You don’t


Your global consciousness is such, because of the “group”

You are attempting to affect global change by controlling the masses, the group

You will only ever create lasting, meaningful change in the masses by affecting “personal” expansion


It must happen here

That way, you are all having a say

You believe there to be strength in numbers

Your greatest power is in the self

As a singular Being


If, as a number of singular Beings you are individually vibrating at capacity

You will action a broader vibration

This is Law of Attraction working

Imagine a single cell battery, at full charge

Now place 10 single cell batteries at full charge in the same space

It only makes sense that there is greater power

But the power is only available in single cells


Or, picture a single light globe

This is you

Your friend, who’s a single light globe too

Stands next to you because they saw your light and were drawn to it, it felt good to move toward it

In turn, their neighbour’s friend, who was visiting from the other side of the world saw that light and came to stand next to them

They are now the third single globe shining away

If this process repeats, the light would be blinding

It would be all you see


Do you get it?

Can you see how you create synergy, NOT amass power

If you just take care of all you will ever have charge of


Law of Attraction will take care of the rest

You do your job and it will do the rest

But you must understand what role you play

If you expect anything other than what you have


It is your role to shine

Leave world domination to Source

It knows what it’s doing , because , really , it’s been at it longer

It’s older than dirt

And it’s all that it does

It’s a specialist

It’s mastered it’s craft

It knows it’s purpose

Do you?


Much Love Humans


7 Aug 2020


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