You do YOU

2 Feb , 2023

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In the last few days

I needed reminding that……

– The internet is only great when you use it wisely

– I’m human

– Comparing yourself is pointless

– Life, no mater how it’s going , is a process

– Use contrast as inspiration , not replication

– And Hope have my back


Maybe you could use a little reminder about now too…….

Here’s what they had to say to me


” Kate we have words of joy and wisdom for you

Our work together is coming into focus

We will establish a pattern

A habit of behaviour that works for us and in turn those you sit with

Your time is Now

And you are all you need be

To reflect out into your world

The peace and clarity you wish to share to grow others and allow them strength in their human form

Their daily lives

And their overall growth in this time and space


When one knows the wants of the self

It is easy to share or echo out into the world

When one leads by example

The contrast created is often sort , as replication

It is natural to you as humans to want what you see in others

The challenge is in understanding

Your version of what you see

What you will action

Belongs to you

And if you are not ready

Your version will fall short or need attention


Finesse the results

Does what you want serve you ?

You can pick and choose

Mix the results from various sources

No one life will be an exact copy of who or what you want to be

It’s a blended result


This is what allows the most freedom

The power or choice

Not exact replication

When you accept that you are not the same

You flow into the vibration of your unique experience


Contrast was always meant as a means of discerning difference, what’s possible

Not selecting something to copy

Without digging deeper or taking into account the feelings and deliberate growth in motion for the person you see, let alone yourself

You never truly grasp the actual experience

What you see can only ever be a suggestion

Something you would like similar or better results to

You are all different 

You are all stand alone versions of something similar 

You are not carbon copies

Of each other

Or the experiences your bodies have

Don’t seek to be the same as someone or something 

Use what you see as reference or example only

A place to begin

A starting point for creation of your own

This is real expansion

Not a repeat of what already exists 

Being unique is the real beauty of your existence 

Embrace the qualities that you are

Grow them 

Enhance them

Share them

When you see another with something you find desirable

What you are actually attracted to

Is the ease with which they demonstrate it

It’s not about the quality

It’s about their ability to be who they are and how they manifest in the world


When you’re truly comfortable in who you are

Everyone wants to be you

When really

The trick or real sharing

Is to just BE

You cannot replicate or become another

But to be as relaxed, at ease, successful or peaceful in the best possible version of yourself you can

( just like they are )

That’s real power

That’s real growth

That’s amazing achievement

That’s the REAL YOU

Much Love

Hope (and Kate)


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