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Who We Are


So we’ll appeal to the Doers

Not the Information Gathers

That was another time

Now is for action

And specifics

And how you can negotiate all the knowledge to date with the physicality that creates your reality

We’re a cross between Life Coach and
User Guide

We’re here to help you use your body as a vehicle to negotiate all the stuff you’ve read about


Ignored or discarded

Thought you were doing right

Or maybe just misunderstood

We will support you

Urge you

Encourage you

And flat out leave you where you stand

If you choose to stay stuck

Don’t get us wrong, we’re nurturers, and we can always circle back

We’re not adrenaline junkies for results

But if  “you” are the one wanting

“You” have to do the work

You need to participate

Find your curiosity

It’s your life

Your choices

Your rewards

Your reality

You sent out the memo

We just showed up at your invitation

We wouldn’t be here, if you hadn’t sent out a vibration that was looking for a response

A call to action

We are all about you having fun with your life

Developing your human skills

And living your dreams

Bridging the gap between what you know and what you don’t

We are sure of who we are

We would love for you to feel the same

We’ll talk about “Universal Law” and “Law of Attraction”

We’ll do that because it’s what we know

We are familiar with it

Our address is “The Vortex”

And we’re part of a group consciousness

We’re “Source” Energy

We are pure, positive, infinite energy

Just like you

But without the body

We’re into sharing and conversation

We believe deeply and uncontrollably that life is for living

And it’s outrageous fun

Especially when you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it on purpose

We hope to help you feed your passion

Find your inspiration

And create with ease

We’ll hold your hand

We’ll repeat the answers

We’ll talk you through endless options

But we won’t show up on your behalf

That’s your gig

This is ours

You can just call us “Hope”

Much love Humans


30 July 2020

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