There are 7 key points of interest to creating your point of attraction.

They exist.

You knowing , & using them deliberately, will help you live more of the life you want , with less of the effort you think it takes.

1. Your job while you are here is to find Joy.

Life is meant to be fun

You deliberately decided to come here to explore and experience all it has to offer

2. Wellbeing is your natural state of being.

All that is, without exception, is connected to Ultimate Wellbeing

3. Creating anything starts with a Thought.

In your wildest dreams, what do you want

If you can think, or imagine it, it can happen

4. Use your Feelings as your guide.

Do what feels good , & reach for the better feeling options

5. Appreciate the purpose of Contrast.

Every other opinion or life choice that exists in opposition to yours is invaluable

Without them , there would be no comparison

6. Without exception, you’ll always get what you are asking for.

Ask and you shall receive, it’s a fact

Actually , it’s law. (Law of Attraction)

7. Being Grateful brings greater joy and faster results.

Be thankful for the stuff that’s working , it’s a magnet to more

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