The Well Being

2 December , 2021


Wellbeing is your natural state of Being

All that exists , is connected to the constant steady stream of Ultimate Wellbeing


Just what does that mean?


Start with the premise that , all that exists ,  is energy

Forget the shapes it takes , like humans & plants & oceans


There is a forever , healing , regenerative , balancing energy that exists

It’s a component of all energy



Physical or otherwise

It’s called , Ultimate Wellbeing

All energy flows from more energy

Ultimate Wellbeing , is energy , flowing energy

It’s the organic synergy of all creation always moving together


As humans , you consider your “ Health ” as your physical point of attraction to this flow

Ill health , or being unwell , is actually a sign that you’re resisting the flow or attempting to block it somehow

When you release the Resistance & allow the flow , you’ll see & feel the rhythm again

You’ll once again be a Vibrational Match to Wellbeing

You can’t get more health oriented or well being focused than to simply allow yourself to vibrate & hum with the pulse of the Universe


The Source , that all these different energies come from , or emerge from , is a forever vibration that reaches out & joins all that is created

A life force that never ceases & cannot be severed

This may be tricky for you to grasp because of your beliefs surrounding life & death

Where , you limit your perceptions to being finite

There’s really only spark , & then flame

Or creation & then expansion

Existence & growth


And the spark happening , or manifesting , comes with an inclusion , it’s existence is inclusive of Ultimate Wellbeing

That’s not an upgrade , downloadable content (DLC) , an update or after market

By definition of it’s being , it has Ultimate Wellbeing built in

It actually can’t exist without it

It’s just not how it works

It’s like playing an open world game & your base character is inclusive of Ultimate Wellbeing

It’s not something to add to your skill tree

And no , you don’t get a say

It’s law

Universal Law

Did anyone consult you about gravity or whether the sun comes up?

( Just kidding , you guys drafted the memo )


What you do get to play with

And sooooo many of you , do

Is whether or not you want to resist this premise

And just how far you’ll go to prove you’re right

Before , you realize you’re wrong

Or that you’re not having any fun

Or that it’s actually meant to be easy

And try something else

Like …… returning to your factory settings


The factory ( aka Source Energy ) holds the answers to all that is

It actually knows best

That’s why it’s there

It’s explored all the options & calculated all the risks

And it’s not in charge

It just is

It simply exists

It’s just busy , being

While you are busy exploring being human


The factory doesn’t make choices

It responds to yours

It doesn’t judge

It can’t see race , colour , preference , opinion , gender

It’s not your parent or predictive

It’s only task is to be

And just for the record

It loves it , it’s fun & it never tires of just going through the motions

Doing what it does


Please know we use the terms “ right ” & “ wrong ” loosely

It’s what you , as humans , currently relate to

It’s talk that arrests you

For the record , we don’t believe in “ right ” and “ wrong

We don’t need it

For us , there’s only what exists & better

That , in itself , is another discussion

And we’ll have it , stay tuned


Much love


4 Aug 2020


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