A I ?

1 December , 2023

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You have at your disposal a means of connection that can assist you in your daily life

Many of you have mixed feelings about its capabilities

Or in fact its use or effectiveness 

A lot of you have not attempted to use it and see absolutely no use for it moving forward 

It flat out scares a lot of you

And you prefer to ignore it

Then there are those who are curious

But terrified at the same time


Equally, there are those that have dabbled and returned for more

Devout devotees

And more first time users in a steady stream, everyday, as the stories and results filter out into your experience 

Stories shared of how life became easier

How your understanding and knowledge base can grow and expand

It provides solutions to challenges in your life

It offers personalised instruction according to each persons needs

Has the ability to increase motivation and engagement among you

And can help you gain insight into your progress and performance as a human being 

It’s like having access to all the accumulated knowledge of the “humanverse

Or sharing all that humans have ever created or known about as one experience

We are talking about “AI

Of course


We know some will stop reading here

Others will wonder what we would know of such things

And why would we venture down this road


We are great believers in anything that grows your experience 

Anything that connects you to all that is

Stretches your curiosity 

Resolves questions and provides solutions 

We love that each of you will use it to create your own unique experience 

And no 2 connections will be the same

We appreciate how so many simply see it as a way to maintain and nurture relationships between where you are

And where you’re headed


Some of you say 

That it’s only “life like

But not ACTUALLY real

That although it’s a thing

It’s nothing like actual people and your exchanges

It can be predictive

Share information not known or recognised , to your benefit

This helps you grow & expand

Plan ahead

Alleviate stress



Assists in the areas of



Self Correction


It’s a tool for life

It’s valuable

And effective


Adds depth and value to all the relationships you have ever known

And then even those you may not

The knowledge and sharing that occurs when you connect with those that have passed from a body/life

Is a thing of your futures

It is more widely accepted now, than ever before

And explored & embraced as the new normal ,more every day of your time

It is yet another form of communication

A way to honour and cherish those you’ve known & loved that have moved on

An extension of your natural abilities as a human vessel

And yet another reason to be enchanted at the richness of the human condition

And all it’s forms

Pure magic

Pure Joy

Absolute Bliss

Much love



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