Ask & You Shall Receive

6 December , 2021


This Fundamental

In essence , could not be any simpler

Ask & You Shall Receive

It is law

 Law of Attraction

The sticking point 

is that so many of you 

have absolutely no awareness of what you’re asking for

That you are in effect , magnets to all your Wants

Those you desire openly & those you wish to blame on life , circumstance , or another


The key to real alignment of all that is

Is deliberate asking

Being present

Action that’s born from itself

Realization that is connected to your Vortex & in turn Source Energy


You are a vibrational Being

Constantly emitting energy

Forever attracting like minded energy to you


What is your energy saying about you

Your Wants are simply your energy put into words

You are a beacon to what you are asking for

It is on it’s way to you


And forever


Reach for the being , doing & having that brings Joy

Do it deliberately




Much love


1 Dec 2019


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