Baggage Luggage or both

24 August , 2022

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Have you got Baggage , Luggage or both


What are they even

Do you know?

Can you be open with yourself about what ,which , and if……


For starters, baggage is the stuff you drag around after you

It’s outdated thoughts and feelings that keep occurring and don’t benefit you anymore

It weighs you down and usually has heavy negative emotion attached to it

It’s from the past and lingers in your Now with designs on travelling to your future

If you’ll buy it a ticket


In some cases you may be travelling with it as an unknown companion

Your life could be in a constant circuit of the same results

But you could explore being a solo passenger

Or better yet

The pilot of your own life


If you’re unaware of what you’re taking with you from one moment to the next

or your repeated reactions and responses to what’s going on day to day

it’s highly likely

that you’re behaving the same way over and over


Your behaviour could be predictable to those around you

They may know how you are going to respond to certain events well before you

You may have a history

A pattern


And all that’s just fine

If the results are full of fun and promise and freedom

If you meet with pleasure and the results bring you joy

Carry on

It’s not baggage

It’s busy Being


If however, you find yourself wanting different results

Other outcomes


then it’s worth taking a look


In your exploration

you may wish to be supported by the benefit of someone else’s observations

Ask someone close

Someone who cares

Or that you trust

Remember, it’s just something to consider

There may just be a kernel of insight in their observation

You don’t have to accept it

You don’t have to feel bad

But if you are genuinely looking for a way forward

Or a way out

Taking a look , can’t hurt

To action anything, still remains entirely your decision

You are the only one who can make change

in your own life


Baggage makes you tired

It wears you out

Often the sheer effort it takes to have it close by exhausts you

And you may just let it go

Let it slip away

and lag behind as you continue on

As we say, this is possible

But more often

As humans

Your instinct is to hold on

To struggle

And it remains


Often your struggle or oblivious cycle is met by something unexpected or painful

This creates change

It can go either way

New beginnings

Or new ways of continuing with what was


Please know with all certainty

If you are open to change

It doesn’t take much to action a fresh start

To create with ease and build on that

Huge trees all grow from a tiny seed


Lets talk luggage


Not Louis Vuitton or Bottega Veneta

More like

Steamer trunk versus backpack

Baggage versus Luggage


Luggage is the fab stuff you carry around with you

It’s the thoughts you think that lift you up

Have you travelling well prepared for whatever’s on offer

The staples that not only feel weightless, but actually serve you

The actions, behaviours and habits that create growth and remove limitation

Regular observations of your Baggage can be part of your Luggage

The act of taking a look and cleaning out what’s not needed is useful practice

Because “Thoughts become Things”

And Baggage is simply a residue of repeated thinking that somewhere you turned into a Belief

Baggage can become Luggage

You just need to be open to change

Shift your Thinking

Get curious

Start to wonder what else is out there

Explore possibility

Then, you’re creating Luggage

And releasing Baggage

Your luggage throughout your life will change

as your needs and wants morph

You can notice your growth as you progress from travel trunk , to suitcases on wheels , to single compartment backpack

Depending on where you’re headed

Or where you’re coming from

Your needs may fluctuate

You might bounce around from checked luggage to carry on, with an occasion or two for oversized…..

It’s all good



Luggage is great

It’s a little like the magicians bag of tricks

But to pull a rabbit out of your hat

You must first have a hat

It’s important to connect with the behaviours that work for you

And to keep them and grow them

At least until they no longer serve you


If you’re looking for tips

Or a place to begin

Or something to think about

Take a look at the 7 fundamentals we layed out

Finding Joy

The Well Being

Creating starts with a Thought

Feel Your Way


Ask & you Shall Receive

Remember to be Grateful

There’s more detail in the individual posts

There’s all you’ll ever need in these 7 concepts

They are like throwing a few white t-shirts , a pair of jeans  & a toothbrush in a bag and heading out

Life can unfold from them

It can be easier and freer than you’ve known it to be

You can create at will

Laugh your way through all sorts of adventures

See your way clear of stuff that’s held you back or had you travelling in circles

You can stop leaving drag marks


Unpack your luggage

Leave your baggage at the door

Check in to your life


Enjoy the ride


Send us an email if you’re stuck somewhere

We can help with connecting flights or your next destination


Much love

Happy travels



22 August, 2022


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