Being Bodies

11 May , 2023

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Let’s talk bodies

As in

What you can do with them

(And if you must

And your thoughts take you there

This is where sex will join the conversation…..)

And this will lead us to why they’re important

Why you have them


Their purpose


Needs to be pointed out to you

Very deliberately

Perhaps because some of you are not appreciating their value

Or are unable to see the very clear and definite link

To your body

And your Being

As in having one

And your being alive

And where you are

On planet earth

In a physical vessel


It’s not difficult

It’s not hidden

It’s not complicated

It’s deliberate

It’s proven

It’s by design


You are in the skin

You’re in


It’s the best skin to be in



Yes WE

Are overwhelmed

With the vast number of things you can do

With a body

And trust us

As those without one

It’s worth the experience

We know


Let’s start with what’s circling


Let’s just say it


Yes , there’s sex

Try doing “that” 

Without a body


And at some point

In every “body’s” lifespan

It will be important

Perhaps for different reasons

In different ways

With different results

But it will count

Even if

Just in the process of arriving…..


Then what about


And laughing

And haircuts

And baths

And floral arranging

And talking

And then reading

(what you’re doing right now)



Horse riding


(both given and received)




Hula Hooping




( yes, this IS separate to sex )

( see…… we knew you’d catch up…. )




And no!

We’re not just creating a list

Or naming random acts


Take any one of them


Just pick one

Any one

THINK about it

Expand it out

They are all so much more than a word

So much more than an action

So much more than an expression of you

Or something you do

With this vehicle you have

Your body


Each of these


Be experienced

Without what you have

And the not having


And flows into

The having


These things

All have feelings attached

Good bad or indifferent

Those feelings are registered





Through your body

With your body


You are

These things

These things

Are you

Everything you can BE, DO, or HAVE

finds it’s origins here

These things are either something you do

Or something you are

Or something you create

Or talk about

Or share

ALL of it

When you say you are a Florist

When you say you arrange flowers

When you smell the flowers

When you feel joy from this act of floristry

It’s all under the same umbrella

The one where

You have a body

To recognise any of it

The Being, Doing or Having


These things

Can be done differently

In many places

In many ways

For many reasons

These things and how they happen

Create your stories

Map your lives

Chart your successes

Feed your souls

Bring you JOY

We urge you

To take note

To pay attention

Big or small


Or otherwise

EVERYTHING about you

Is served

By the having

Of your body


Life is nothing without it

Quite literally

This incredible



And synergy

Of skin and bone

Where flesh meets form

Where feeling and emotion sequester

Where the visceral energy

Carves out existence

Hides in shadow

Or shines in the open

The playground

The prison

No matter

NONE of it possible

Without the body


The body the space

Experience, the expression of it’s making

Please know it’s all there at your disposal

Thanks to your choosing

You decided

You came

You’re here

It is

Because the energy

That’s you

All the subsequent

Laminated “You’s”

Came together

As their greatest effort to date

At this time

In this space

THIS body



To create and enjoy

To be curious

To explore

To find out first hand

To make plans

To execute wishes

To reinvent

To connect

To love

To learn

To share

To do you

As no other can


One of the rare  


And unique expressions

Of all that is

Is reflected

And echoed

By the having of a human body

Understanding the complete and inexplicable


Called ” life “

Both the giving and receiving

The majesty

And the mayhem

This clear , purposeful expression of your energy

As form


Enjoy it

Cherish it

Allow it

You do well to accept

The greatest human gift possible

The one 

From the self

To the self

Of the self


Much love Beautiful Bodies



Join The Joy