5 December , 2021


By your own definition , “ Contrast ” is just difference

And it’s really functional

You’ll create your own Contrast

And you’ll draw on each other’s to help make choices & decisions

Being curious creates Contrast & leads you to it for answers

There’s real freedom in your differences , if you can appreciate the purpose of them

Every other opinion or life choice that exists as different or in opposition to yours is invaluable

They help in deciding what you really want

Contrast exists to show you the infinite array of perspectives available in Physical

About anything you can imagine


Contrast is directly linked to Choice

Without personal Choice there’d be no Contrast

You all choose what you think & how you act individually

In turn , all these singular choices & actions create a collective Contrast

Something greater than yourself

Contrast is the “evidence” of all these different opinions & beliefs & actions occurring

It helps you reassess & evaluate what’s working

Not only for yourself as an individual

But as a group

It’s what happens between you having an opinion & changing your mind


When you decided to enter physical

You were excited & willing to be a part of the endless choices

Simply to experience

To use it ALL as a way of growing yourself & gaining greater understanding

So many of you have lost touch with that

You’ve surrendered your interest & decided you know all there is to know


In Physical , no one body , can simultaneously experience all your world has to offer

Every conceivable action at the same time

Collectively you create this for each other

Together you co create all possibilities & create new, unthought of options


Contrast exists like a shopping list of choice

You’ll draw from it what you seek

It will alert you to new options

Some , you may not have considered , or thought of , yourself

It will show you the creation of choices made

Some appealing , some not

And you might be surprised how you can change your mind simply from the contrast offered


It can even help you pursue options without having to deliberately experience them

It helps you pick & choose

It often expedites your process

You don’t have to be in a war to understand the Contrast of it


There does however , have to have been a war

For the Contrast to exist

It has to have been in someone’s experience


All your differing selections are crucial

They co create ever changing Contrast

Contrast is a direct representation of what you are all creating individually

You’re all equally involved

You all have Choice

That is the level platform it’s created from


There’ll always be Contrast

Where you take it & how much you value it

Are up to you

It exists

It has purpose

It’s invaluable

It happens because of you

This won’t change

But how much you appreciate it , might


You all have personal Choice

It’s Universal Law

Because of Choice , you may never all agree on ALL subjects, at the same time

You don’t have to align with another’s opinion or life choice

Acceptance of it’s “right to exist “ is what expedites your expansion & growth

Contrast is the manifestation in your world , that you all draw benefit , from the right to personal Choice


Much love


16 Jan 2020


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