Creating anything starts with a Thought

3 December , 2021


In your wildest dreams , what do you want

If you can think , or imagine it , it can happen


Ok , so this is where it all starts

Let’s not overthink it

 Just know

That Thoughts

Become Things

This is why , it’s what you think that counts



Oh & yeah , it doesn’t happen instantaneously

You need a delay

Stop complaining about it

It’s there for your own protection

You’d have too many pink unicorns otherwise……..


You might think you feel stuff first , but that’s just your human compass reacting to your thoughts

For many of you , you’re just more tuned in to your feelings , so you believe they register first


There’s really no good reason to labour this

The important points are :

*Dream , don’t obsess

*When you’re actually heading in the right direction , be specific

( And yes , we’ll cover knowing if you’re going the right way later )

( Yes , & how to actually get there )

( And yes , we agree wholeheartedly , that this is REALLY important)

*How you think quite literally creates your life

Where are you spending your time , &  0n what kind of thoughts

Because THAT’S what’s making it’s way to you

Your point of attraction will be whatever you’re investing your time in thinking


This feeds into Law Of Attraction

And it’s truly awesome when you know what you’re doing

( Again , we WILL get to that )

( And yes , we get you’re excited & that’s the bit you care about most )

( No. You can’t really master what’s on offer with just this one Fundamental , they actually fit together , they work in harmony & synergy with each other )

( Listen , go play “Jenga” with just one block………… )

( See! )


For the record….

We think you’re amazing!


Much love


5 Aug 2020


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