Day 4

13 Mar , 2023

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Did a lot of driving today

Long way 

in one direction

And then back the other way


Great day for me

I love to drive

I love the freedom of it

Especially, on my own in the car


I think I appreciate that I’m allowed

to just focus on the one task

and ignore all else

Don’t have to think about anything other than what I’m doing

It’s uncomplicated


And there is always a guaranteed result

Drive from point A

to point B


It’s obvious

You’ve either done it

Or not


I adore the simplicity of the task


I tried to think about what other things in my life create the same feelings

That kind of ease

It would be great if all the things I have to do

Could carry the same feelings

The same sense of achievement

Without effort

The same joy

Without angst


And that’s the sweet spot


The more I can allocate to this space

This freedom of just Being

The better it ALL is


Not everything 

Is meant to be difficult

Not everything is made for us to overthink

or massage into a state of overwork


And I think

That when I let go

And just accept

That there’s a bunch more stuff 

I can feel this way about

I’ll find it with ease

And I’ll get better

At being better

At it


When I arrived at my “point B”

There were people


That I love

Even more

After today


I don’t often share intimately about myself

I’m more of a listener, overall


“How are you” was asked

And in a rare moment of vulnerability

I answered

And I did it with inclusion

of JUST how I was feeling

and just where my thoughts were at


And I experienced a genuine feeling of freedom

I felt lighter

I could feel space open up


It was weird

But to say it out loud

To take it from the recesses of my mind

To out in the world

Created clarity

I didn’t have previously


Just hearing myself say it

The out loud version

Shifted the internal dialogue


And I know this

I help others voice their thoughts all the time

But it’s one of those things….

It’s a contact sport

You have to have skin in the game 

To score


So thankful for mates

So grateful of inclusion

And a big fan

Of the smaller 

Simpler things

For today


Much love

Kate x ( & Hope)


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