Dirty Laundry

9 Mar , 2023

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Do you ever wonder

How it is

At just the right moment

Life offers up the kick in the pants you needed

Or how your everyday 

Seems to sync with your every need


I don’t


Cause I’m a trained professional

I’ve been doing this a long time

Falling flat on my face

And bouncing back up again

Or using my days 

As a delivery vehicle for yet more life lessons




I still love with an absolute passion

When I’m surprised

And rewarded

For my blissful ignorance 

At when it’s all gonna happen

And how it’s gonna manifest



No matter how much I know

Or how clever I think I am

The amount of care I’ve taken

Just what level of appreciation I master

Even how often that occurs

I’m still flummoxed




When all that IS

Shows all that I AM

Just how much more

I can BE

I absolutely LOVE life

It’s great!

But only when I accept


It’s great


This morning we needed a technician

A trained individual

A skilled professional

To attend our space


In particular

Our laundry


The washer wasn’t working

well, wasn’t behaving how it “should”


it was acting weird 


It was spinning constantly

Wouldn’t recognise when it was supposed to be washing

Was beeping loudly


And then constantly spinning

Then releasing the lock button on the door


did I mention

constantly spinning…..


I went out

I came back

I went out again

It still hadn’t sorted itself




We clearly needed a professional

And then

there was the matter of the washing machine…….


My very dear friend


Found me a time slot and a willing person who spoke

“Washing machine”


They came 

They assessed

They looked

They prodded

They pulled things apart

They punched buttons

They put things back together

They swore


This is where we bonded 

And held hands

At this juncture

We united

As lost

And completely annoyed

And , well……

A little pissed off at the process quite frankly……


They looked at me

I grimaced at them


It was unavoidable

If we wanted results


than what we were getting


to do a reboot

There was nothing else for it




We simply couldn’t continue as we were

Something needed to change

What we were doing wasn’t working

We were both frustrated

No new results were evident

If we left things as they were



We’d both decided


and the tech needed to leave at some point……..




They did it

I watched

And cheered from the doorway

As the beeping ceased

The freaking spinning stopped

And the blessed sound of flowing water

could be heard above all else


Good times



and I’m not gonna lie…..

There was still more swearing

But we were back on track

The state of normal was restored

And we could both carry on


“They” to their next appt

(Albeit an hour late)

And “me” 

To condensing the knee deep laundry that littered my halls


I was so moved by the whole experience 

that I sat on the floor in my laundry 

And just enjoyed the dulcet tones of the appliance going through the proper motions

Being it’s best self

In all it’s glory

Just behaving as “life” intended

And I expected


It made me think

Bought me to imagine

What if 

I could be 


Return to my factory settings

Wipe my slate clean

And start over


The more I ruminated on it

The more it made sense

I wanted it

I was open to it

I could accept where that might lead


The last few weeks

I’ve felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels

Putting in effort and not seeing much in the way of results


What could it hurt….

Doing something different

Could be just the change I need

To create change


I’ve decided

That for the next seven days

I’m going to


I’m not going to respond or react

To anything 

In the way I have

Until now


I’m going to leave 2 basic premise in play

And allow whatever else surfaces

Or resolves

To appear

And be embraced


The first –

I’ll remain committed to constant growth

The second –

I’ll remain open to change


I’m not going to imprint any thing

any circumstance

any opinion

assign any behaviour

or feeling

or response

to ANYTHING that happens


I’m rewriting my code

I’m going to be completely accepting of what shows up

How I feel in the moment

What new thoughts and feelings enter my life

I’m going to be deliberate

In being unintentional


For now

“My history”

“What I know”

Is all new


I’m doing an update

I’m open to an upgrade


Lets see what happens

It’s going to be great

( I think )

I’m open to creating new beliefs

and refining

or implementing old ones

My thoughts are on notice


Unless you serve me

Unless you can reassure me

Unless you add value

You’re outdated

and will be replaced

With that

That is joy

With that, that feeds my happy

With that 

That leaves me blissful

Without spinning in circles

And the only kind of giddy I feel 

Is that of butterflies and new love

Renewed love of me

And how I can show up


Much love

Kate (and Hope) 


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