29 June , 2023

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Just what is it

What’s the big deal


Feelings are your bodys’ internal guidance system

Intuition is your spiritual guidance system

Your energy consciousness

It tethers you to all you are in this lifetime

And every other in your experience 


All your accumulative energy of past present and future “you’s” is present in your intuition


Your soul’s heartbeat is your intuition 

And each body you inhabit is harnessed to the collective intuition you have

Pretty powerful

To know that the investment you’ve made across lifetimes, carrys on

That all that knowing , is at your disposal


It remembers

And stores

And nurtures

All you’ve ever learned

All you’ve ever felt

All you’ve ever been

All your accumulated knowledge


You all have it

Your only difference

Is the value you place on it

How strong your relationship to it is

And how much and how often you listen to it

Exercise it

Allow it

Encourage it

Grow it


The strength and power of this one characteristic should not be underestimated

It is not flawed

It is never wrong

It does not lie

It , like the soul

Never dies

Within its wisdom

Are all the answers

To all the self discovery

You could ever request access to


Much Love



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