It’s just Me

4 April , 2022

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It’s me


Tonight I was reminded how life supports me

How it always has

That’s not to say I don’t know despair or feeling lost or even down right depressed

And throughout my life I’ve had good reason

My experience has had it’s share of events that could leave you wanting to pack it in

But then…………..

Something happens

Like my husband saying “ you want to see a bunch of otters eating popcorn? “

and I DO


And I know beyond all doubt

Beyond any uncertainty

That life is speaking to me

It’s calling to me gently

It’s holding my hand

It’s making sure , I get the message

The real point

 And because I have boundaries

And because I want to push them

And grow beyond where I’m at today

I’m listening

Sometimes , I really really hate what I hear

But I listen anyway

Cost’s nothing , right…..

To just keep an open mind

Or not commit straight away

To pay attention

To notice how I feel

And , about what , I feel


I truly love the connection I have to the energy that surrounds me

And meets me

And IS me

Life’s good

In fact

It’s great

Even when I’m fighting it

I’ve come to know that sooner or later

Trust will return

It will be my dominant vibration

And I’ll calm the fuck down

And settle in

And carry on

It’s ALL good

And I’m ALL right

And I’m exactly where I’m meant to be


Just being ME


Kate xx


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