Just Flippin Freaking Out

4 Sept , 2023

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Why am I doing this?


Today it applies to business

Why am I bothering

What am I doing???


Yes, there are reasons

Of course there’s reasons…..

I’m as skilled as the next guy

At connecting the dots

Or making my time sound like it’s worth something


It’s just right now

In this moment



I’m not feeling it

I’ve got more questions than answers

And it all sucks


I’m out !

I’m gonna meditate

I need my drug of choice about now

I’ve got off track

I’ve been freeballin too long

Strap it down

Shut the door

Close your eyes

Breathe till you hyperventilate and pass out


However you hit pause

Do it now


See you tomorrow

Or maybe the next day….


Some days

Are just about “BEING

Not beating up on yourself

You just need to recharge and reset


When your hopes and dreams are AHEAD of your ability to cope

You gotta scale that stuff down

Break it into bite size chunks that are not only chewable

But digestible!


I remind myself

I’m trying to swallow the whole chicken……

“Bites”, Kate

Just take another Mother Freaking Bite!

You crazy Ass Broad

And breathe

It’s ok

Hell , it’s better than Ok

You’re half way there



This is about where I giggle at myself

And go


You just did it again….



Why am I doing this”????


You see?!

Asking questions is good

They’re part of the process


The process of figuring it out

Or even just part of the moving forward

Even if the questions have you going in circles

Know it’s more of a spiral

And spirals are open ended

They lead somewhere

There’s movement


I’m doing this


I’ve got answers

Access to answers

That are not only for “my” questions

But “yours

HOPE are more than one voice

They are more than we know here

They are infinite intelligence

And they’ve been right

They’ve created ease

And peace

And offered new easier ways to do stuff


They make sense

They care

They are supportive without expectation

They don’t judge

They show up

They don’t care if I swear

They’re not bothered if I cry

They don’t react

They just respond

And they’ll wait

And they’ll encourage me

And they make me feel seen 

And heard

And valued

And loved

And they remind me to do all that for myself too


Self care

I know 

If I do what they suggest

I’ll feel better

I’ll come good

I’ll be ok


I’m listening


And then I’ll ask questions again

And they’ll answer

And I’ll listen

And repeat


You can do the same

They’re here to be shared

They want to offer assistance


New ways of looking at stuff

ALL the stuff


Just ask!

Find a link

Hit the button

Speak up

Reach out



They got you


I know

Trust me……


Now excuse me while I find more tissues

Kate x

(& Hope)


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