Just Thinking

9 December, 2021


If you want to move on

Or create something different

Or stop being stuck

Or are sick of what you have…

From a place of lack

The only action you need take is to start thinking


Contemplating actually

Not even complete thoughts

Just what if’s

Because in the thinking , is where the shift occurs

IT IS the action


When you have the thought that

I can have a different thought


I’ll think about it


What am I thinking , how am I thinking

Or , we’d recommend…..

I want to think stuff that feels good

Even just thinking about thinking!

That’s the shift


Nothing will ever be the same again after that point

It’s moved on & something aligns

You have created a brand new Leading Edge

And as small & insignificant as that may seem


It’s everything

And then some


Once you question thinking , you’ve questioned your thinking

And that is change

And tiny degrees of change CREATE

They create MORE

More of everything

They are your new point of attraction

And the Law Of Attraction is powerful and all encompassing

It’s the creator of all that is

So , KNOW your thoughts are gold

And they count like nothing else can

They are your real wealth

The way you think

Changes the way you feel

And the way you feel is your clearest indication of how your life is tracking

Your feelings help you connect with your happy

With what you call Joy

Joy is a wonderful way to spend time

Either seeking it , or being it

It’s all good

Cause it’s ALL right

If your thoughts are focused on the having of Joy

It will arrive

Be ready


Much love


12 April 2021


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