Knock Knock

22 Sept , 2023

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Today when I woke up

There were people waiting to chat

Just like most days


I meet new people everyday

There’s a steady stream of them

They approach me throughout the day

While I’m doing the washing

Driving the car

Cooking dinner

They are all different

They have different likes and dislikes

They’re all different age groups

They come from different places

They’ve got different personalities


Just like we all do….


Lots of us have friends and family that live in different states

Or countries

People we love and care about that we miss

Folks we spend time with

In all sorts of ways to stay in touch and connect

There’s so many ways to chat or engage now

My husband and I chat over a drink or 2 with friends interstate via video chat

Just like when we physically get together

We do this because we miss each other

We make each other laugh

And we’d love to get together more

But distance

And life

Get’s in the way


I really enjoy meeting new people

And the stories they tell

They way they share their lives and who they are

What they’ve done

Where they’ve been

All sorts of information that creates a life

The little everyday things

Through to the monumental stuff that grows a person

It’s in the minutia I find joy


What makes me happy beyond belief

Is when I can connect some of the people I meet

With loved ones

That are still living

When I can be the bridge to a heart felt hug

The bearer of congratulations on a new baby or job

Or a reminder that anyone you love

Is never lost

Never gone


You may not be in the same place

At the same time right now

But you can still connect

You can chat

You can share

You can still love

And be loved

Just like you were ,when together

Of all those I talk with

It’s so special when one of them has come to meet with those still living

To share in the most profound way

To reach out

And comfort

Or confirm

Or reconnect

To carry on loving

And being loved


This is what binds us

This is our commonality

If there was ever love

There will always be love

And often times

It’s from this place they now reside

In the state they are now in

That the love can be voiced or offered

Something that may have been remiss, or tricky, when you were both in the room


Energy is an amazing thing

And because we are all just energy, really

We’re amazing


Life may get in the way

But love never will

And connection

Once created by it

Will always and forever BE


To those in my waiting room

To those just passing through

To those that want to be seen and heard

To those that knock

And to all others that come to connect

And share

“We” feel your love

Thanks for dropping by



Kate x

(21 Sept, 2023)




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